The Problem

Kind Hearts In Action receives pleas for help on distemper cases from all over the world every day. The virus is more common in warm climates, and outbreaks often happen in shelters, hitting puppies and unvaccinated strays the hardest. Very often, families adopt a puppy from a shelter or take in a stray from the street. But after they have fallen in love with the animal, they find out their new friend has canine distemper.

According to Dr. Sears, a dog can be most effectively saved from distemper if it can be treated with the NDV-induced serum before the animal goes through the sixth day of symptoms. However, owners of distemper dogs often do not find out about the treatment in time.

Help us save countless dogs from a needless death and spare their owners the pain, grief and heartache of losing their dogs to this disease.

Your generous donation will help us:

  • Spread the word about the NDV treatments to dog owners and vets.
  • Raise the money to have Dr. Sears’ serum made as part of Project Carré.
  • Fund the scientific trials that are needed to prove the NDV treatments work.


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