Serum helps save Sumi

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We had the serum treatment back in October in the clinic in Orlando Fl that you referred us to.  They sent her home with instructions to just monitor her.  That if she would seizure  or the twicth she had got worse and not get any better than at that moment she would need the spinal tap.  Here we are 3 months later and she is over 35lbs 7 months old, extremely active and extremely intelligent.  The twitch has gotten better, at times she has it a lot but she has learned to deal with it she changes positions or becomes active because that is when the twitch is not even visible.  Our only concern is that when she sleeps she is a very active sleeper, she kicks her hind legs a lot and cries out, whimpers and growls… I don’t think it’s a seizure though.. Could it be that she is dreaming? Also my mother is a homeopatchic doctor in California and I treat my kids homeopathically I did some research as well as my mom and we are giving her a liquid called Cerebretik and Polypathick from a company called Soluna these remedies are given to patients that suffer from strokes or seizures and they help repair  damage to nervous system.  We feed her a holistic diet we give her Blue Buffalo and I strongly believe that a lot of her recovery is the serum we gave her but also the food she eats and the remedies we are giving her and the fact that she is an indoor dog.  I want to thank you because if it wasn’t for your help and information on your website our Sumi ( our little lemon dog) would not have survived.  I have attached 2 pictures of Sumi so you can see who you helped us save.
Thank You again for answering my email back in October.
Nalua Cuenca


COMMENT FROM DR. SEARS: Ed, very interesting case.  Happy they got the serum and recovered.  Chorea !  That is the twitching.  Has nothing to do with the leg stretching and growling when asleep.  that is dreaming.  All dogs do this, not neurological.  Twitching IS.  However, of the neruo problems caused by distemper this is the least serious.  Can go on for years waxing and waning.   Only serious if one of the other manifestations takes over.  Ie  Seizures, ascending paralysis, ON (optic neuritis), then and only then would I recommend a spinal tap.


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