Phantom saved from canine distemper

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Feb. 7, 2011


My name is Amberley Parker. My female catahoula puppy, Phantom, 16 weeks old given a “death sentence” by the vet today.  He says she has distemper, and that treating it is costly and ineffective.  She has a fever of 105, she is lethargic, depressed, has diarrhea and no appetite. She threw up once yesterday morning, and twice in the car this morning on the way to the vet.  They gave her antinausea meds (metoclopramide), and antibiotics amoxycillin, and baytril.  He said she will probably die, but if she is alive in 3 weeks, she’ll probably live, most likely with permanent neurological damage leaving her disabled.  He seemed to really be pushing euthanizing her.  She has had her first round of puppy vaccinations 9 days ago, including against distemper.  Please tell me how to get her treated.  I live in Fort Worth, Texas.
thank-you so much!
Amberley Parker
Feb. 10, 2011
Dear Ed,

Thank you so much for your fast response! I was able to contact the vet in Houston the same day you sent me the contact info. Phantom showed her first symptoms on Sunday morning, she was diagnosed on Monday morning, I found your site and wrote you as soon as we got home from the vet,  and [Phantom was treated] Tuesday afternoon.  It is now Thursday morning and Phantom is doing so well! Her fever is gone and she is eating and drinking on her own.  She can walk again, and she’s no longer having labored breathing or vomiting or having diarrhea.  We’re still treating with antibiotics for any secondary infections, but she is feeling fine.  Thank you so much for your quick response and your information which I am sure has saved our sweet puppy’s life.  I know we have to wait awhile to know for sure since symptoms can reappear later, but I know we caught it very early and acted fast! I’m telling everyone about your site.
Thank-you so much!  I’ve attached a pic of phantom and you can use any of our correspondence or the photo in any way you like.
Keep saving lives!
Amberley & Aaron (and Phantom) Parker,

Fort Worth Texas


  1. Trixie's Mom says:

    So happy that Phantom is doing good! I went through almost the SAME thing with Trixie. Vet told me she probably won’t make it, so I went home & searched online & found Ed & the info on the Dr Sear’s serum, and Ed responded so fast, found me a Vet on my area & Trixie had the serum shot directly into a vein in her law the very next day & she improved the next day like a miracle! It truly works, it truly is a miracle & I have been posting about it for over a year now everywhere I can think of to help get the word out about this sreum b/c I truly, truly believe that it saves lives!!! So please, do what I do, post it everywhere you can think of. Tell everyone you know…. so more lives can be saved, b/c as you have seen first hand, most vets will tell you to just euthznize the dog… that it won’t live & WE KNOW BETTER! Right? Take care, good luck to your baby doll’s recovery & you can find Trixie on here & her story, pics & video under “Trixie Gets Treated”. From: Char in South Florida


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