Lucky beats the odds

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Received April 3, 2011

This is “Lucky”. I found him dying in the grass at the school where I teach. The school is located in what is called the “corridor of cruelty”. It is a very poor area of town where many animals are simply thrown away or mistreated in some form or fashion. I named him Lucky after the 10th day of surviving distemper and pnemonia. Originally my vet gave him a 5% chance of survival. He was extremely malnurished (starving) and was suffering from a bad case of pnemonia from the respiratory issues related to the distemper. After 3 days on IV fluids at my vets office he did not look much better although his nose had stopped running and his eyes were clearer. I contacted Ed Bond who put me in touch with a vet in Houston who has the Newcastle serum. After the second day and the third injection he was soooo much better and it started to look very hopeful. He has been improving slowly but surely with each passing day and eating me out of house and home. I truly credit the Newcastle serum. Although my original vet knew about this serum he could not recommend it due to his license and the audits they do of veterinary hospitals. For example, he told me they know ivermectin works well but it is not approved for use in dogs. Thanks again Ed Bond for responding to me so quickly and helping me through this awful virus. So far, he has no neurological problems and everything is going smooth.

Sheri Burtch
Houston, Texas



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