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Please read our report on the effectiveness of the NDV treatments.

If you have a dog with canine distemper, you will find here plenty of information about the NDV treatments discovered by Dr. Al Sears that have saved hundreds of dogs from this disease. Follow the links above to get an education about the possibilities — and the limits — of these treatments. Contact us via and tell us where you are, what symptoms you are seeing and for how long.

Vets using these treatments have saved dogs in Florida, Texas, Southern California, Alberta Canada, the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. If you need to find a vet to treat your distemper dog in any of these places, please e-mail us at

If you are a veterinarian interested in the NDV treatments, we can offer you documents, videos, owner testimonials and referrals to other vets using these treatments around the world. Our ultimate goal is to see the NDV-induced serum proven through scientific trials.

Make sure to read our FAQ. Distemper is most successfully treated before before the dog goes through the sixth day of symptoms — before seizures — by using Dr. Sears’ NDV-induced serum. If seizures or other neurologic problems have occurred — that includes spasms, tics, loss of balance, etc. — then the treatment needed is the NDV spinal tap. Understand that the survival rate for dogs going through the NDV spinal tap is only about 50 percent, but that is more than if left untreated. Distemper is usually fatal. We also have a discussion forum to help dog owners get through the sometimes difficult recovery period after the spinal tap. Stories, videos and pictures of  dogs treated with NDV-induced serum or NDV as an IV injection are here. Stories, videos and pictures of  dogs treated with the NDV spinal tap are here.

The full protocols are available through a PDF download. A 90-minute video from Dr. Sears’ lecture on canine distemper and the NDV treatments is available through YouTube. Click here to find out more.

Save Dogs From Canine Distemper conducts fundraising to support the treatment of dogs with canine distemper and research into the disease. It is a project of Kind Hearts In Action,  a dog rescue and placement public charity based in Los Angeles. This 501c3 group offers temporary and foster homes for stray dogs. We also support treatments for canine distemper based on the Newcastle Disease Vaccine as discovered by Dr. Al Sears. We need your donations to make Dr. Sears’ serum, pay for treatments and the costs of research. Why Donate?

– Ed Bond

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