Distemper dogs treated with NDV

Dogs have been saved from canine distemper in two ways:

  • By being treated in the early stages of the disease — before going through the sixth day of symptoms — by using the NDV-induced serum or the straight shot of NDV as an IV injection. Examples.
  • By getting the NDV spinal tap while in the neurologic stage of the disease. Most dogs die or are euthanized at this stage, but the spinal tap has saved half of those who have been treated. Examples.

Not all dogs are saved. Here’s a page on some of the dogs who didn’t make it.

For an overview on case outcomes, please read our Report on the Effectiveness of the NDV Treatments.

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  1. just wanted to say a big THANK YOU, your website and the advice i found here literally saved my dog’s life.
    on sunday (29 may 2011) he was diagnosed with distemper; the vet asked me if i wanted to put him down straight away. fortunately i chose to investigate his possibilities online before making that final decision. by 9am monday morning he had received a shot of NDV, by the evening he looked much better and by tuesday afternoon it would’ve been hard to tell that he had even been ill in the first place, let alone with something “terminal”. THANK YOU!!!

    PS i live in san cristobal, chiapas, mexico, so anyone who needs advice about how to get the vaccine here they should feel free to contact me, i am willing to help!
    si necesitas información en español o simplemente quieres saber donde se puede conseguir la vacuna aquí en Chiapas, México, será un placer ayudarles. ¡escríbeme pronto y salve tu perro!

  2. Raffy Cajucom says:

    Where can i buy this am from Philippines.

    Many thanx

  3. sherry panemanglor says:

    Hi Kind Hearts In Action,

    I first shared my Taco’s story on this page some time in February this year. He had been diagnosed with Distemper in December 2010 and we were told there was no hope and that it would be better for him to be put down. I didn’t want to even think about putting down this beautiful puppy. So I scoured the web for ways to save his life. I found a story by Clarisse about her dog Icy in the Philippines, and then I found this website Kind Hearts in Action, and I knew I had to give it a chance. So we did, we found a veterinary hospital that does it and tried this experimental treatment. We did the body shot and the spinal tap on Taco and we sat back and waited, knowing it was a shot in the dark, but we had hope.

    We didn’t want to be too hopeful though as he was really sick and we didn’t know if it would work, BUT, it did, and it worked really quickly! We were amazed…one day he was coughing and so sickly, and a few days later he was jumping around as if he wasn’t sick!!

    Over the past few months, he has grown strong and healthy, and there are days I can’t believe my eyes and I have to pinch myself because my little baby on the brink of death is so happy and healthy and an all around joy..he is the life of the doggie party!

    It is June 2011, 6 months since he was first diagnosed and subsequently treated and he is the most affectionate, sweetest dog we have had the joy to have in our lives. I always pray for his health and know that it is because of people like you striving to bring awareness to this treatment that Taco is alive and well today. The only effects of his illness that we see is that he has a slight tic in his leg, but it is much better than it used to be, and if that is the only issue we are ever going to have, we will take it, because he is alive and well and has beaten the odds! Thank you Kind Hearts in Action!

    Sherry Panemanglor — Philippines

  4. dr nirmal kumar singh says:

    hi i am a young vet from a very small town in india. its approx. 1000km away from national capital Delhi and 200 km from state capital (Patna). Today i diagnosed a typical case of neurological form of canine distemper showing chorea on rear right limb. previously, the puppy was heavily infesteted with ticks.
    plz, suggest how can i save this cute 9 months old unvaccinated puppy.


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