We can offer more than hope

November 9, 2009


If you believe we can Save Dogs From Canine Distemper, we need your help.

If you do not believe, perhaps you need to watch this video:


As amazing as the story of Kaliber is, his story does not have to be so rare. And while it is wonderful that Kaliber liveddonatenowlogo2 copy thanks to the treatment discovered by Dr. Al Sears, it is a tragedy that his sister, Lil Miss, died.

It is a tragedy that dogs and puppies across the U.S. and the world needlessly die of canine distemper. Although the distemper vaccine has done much to control this disease, it still attacks shelters and strays, puppies and unvaccinated dogs.

And it is a tragedy that so many dog owners do not find out until too late that there is hope, that there is a treatment that can save their dogs. Just today we received word that the owner of a puppy in Colorado could not be saved because the owner did not find our Web sites in time.

And it is a tragedy that so many veterinarians do not know that there is another option for their distemper patients beyond just giving antibiotics, fluids and watching the animal die.

Eleven months ago, the Save Dogs From Canine Distemper cause was launched on Facebook. Nearly 900 of you joined us. We offered information, a little hope and a compassionate ear.

Today, we can offer owners of distemper dogs much more — with your help.

Imagine how it would be, if a dog owner bringing a sick dog to the vet could be told: “Your dog has distemper. Usually this is a death sentence, but fortunately we have Dr. Sears’ serum in stock and we can save your dog.”

Or even if the dog is suffering from seizures. The vet could say, “Your dog is very sick, but we have been trained in a treatment that can turn off the distemper virus and stop these seizures.”

This is the world that I imagine. This is the world that I need your help in bringing about.

Save Dogs From Canine Distemper is now a project run by Kind Hearts In Action, a new 501c3 public charity that aims to help homeless dogs and to support the canine distemper treatments discovered by Dr. Al Sears.

Our plan is to raise funds to pay for the creation of Dr. Sears’ serum across the U.S. We want to document these treatments and demonstrate the effectiveness of this serum. We also will be supporting research efforts into the spinal tap treatment that can save dogs in the neurological phase of the disease.

Our goal is not just to save dogs from distemper, but to push for Dr. Sears’ treatments to be given the serious scientific consideration that they need. We strive for skeptical, scientific inquiry into these procedures to resolve the questions about their validity.

Too often, I hear about vets and experts who dismiss Dr. Sears’ ideas as impossible. But they do so without looking at the evidence. Without scientific trials, how do we know whether we have a new ally in the battle against disease?

Let’s put it to the test.

So, to save dogs and put Dr. Sears’ treatment to the test, we need your help.

We need your donations.

And this is why we have waited until now to make this appeal. With 501c3 status and with registration on Guidestar, you can have assurance that your dollars will go directly to the effort of Saving Dogs From Canine Distemper. Any amount helps, and your dollars will save lives. Just look at Kaliber.

You can donate by going to our Facebook page or to the Facebook page for Kind Hearts in Action at http://apps.facebook.com/causes/375267/21547541?m=dc361cb6

You can also donate by going to the new Web site: http://kindheartsinaction.com/ or to my original site at http://www.edbond.com/distemper/

When you donate, you can designate that your donation be made for the Save Dogs From Canine Distemper project or for Kind Hearts In Action’s effort to help homeless dogs in the Los Angeles area, Under the Porch.

You can also make recurring donations on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. And you can make a donation in someone’s memory. Perhaps that could be a dog you knew that died of canine distemper.

Together, we can at least make one small part of the world a better place.

Keep the faith and thank you,

Ed Bond
Project Director
Save Dogs From Canine Distemper


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