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Feb 16, 2011

Hi Ed,

My name is Sam. I’m the proud mommy of Mr. Blue, a 2 mos old English Bulldog. I am from Manila, Philippines. I bought him from a kennel last weekend (Saturday to be exact Feb 12). When we got him, I noticed he had a cough and cold. He was up for his 3rd round of shots on Feb 14 (Monday) so the vet came and gave him meds for his cold but she could not give him his shots. By the afternoon on Monday he vomitted and I panicked. We rushed him to the hospital and after a few tests we were told he had distemper. I didnt know what that was and when the doctor explained it to me, I almost fainted.

I know hes only been with me a few days, but I love him dearly and would surely die if anything happened to him. The doctor (Vets in Practice) advised us of this donor dog treatment and I said yes, but needed to find a donor dog, in the meantime, they amped him with medication to treat his pneumonia, cought etc and meds for his immune system. We even got him a nebulizer to help him.

Yesterday we found a donor dog and well, today at 2pm we will getting our first shot. I am hoping that he gets better.
Its been 4 days since we found out he has distemper..Im not even sure how long hes had it…this morning he pooped twice and it was mostly water and phlegm and there was a tinge of blood. I hope we are not too late.

A vet went to visit just an hour ago and she said he had a fever. And looks so weak. He hasnt barked in 2 days. He just sleeps.

Your website has really given me hope that he will get better. Please let me know if you know of other things I can do to make him feel better.

Sam Yen
The Philippines

May 31, 2011

Hi Ed,
My apologies for not getting to reply sooner. I have been extremely busy, not just with work but busy with my GROWING PUPPY!!! 🙂
I am pleased to report that the serum treatment worked! His treatment started Feb 17 or 18, 3 shots 12 hours apart, he looked really weak after the shots and was really down. In fact, we thought he really wasnt going to make it anymore. But 2 days after treatment, he finally started eating again! I was eating a piece of cheese next to him and I noticed he took interest and he ate it! So then we tried giving him his dog food and voila!
We tested him a month after if he still had the virus and it came out negative! 🙂 We have been going through a series of re-vaccinations and all the other shots needed to protect him before we bring him out to the real world. Poor thing has been stuck at home all these months. He was diagnosed with distemper when he was 2 months old, he will be 6 months on June 12. He can finally go out to the parks and play and go to obedience school (our little pup is a spoiled one and well, we cant seem to make him listen to us, we always give in to his demands). As of yesterday, he is now a whopping 17kilos!
Attached are some photos of him when he was sick up till now. I have some videos as well. Will send in another email 🙂
I truly believe that without the serum he would not have made it. He had all the bad complications, diarrhea with blood, he was vomitting, he was completely not eating, he had pneumonia and water in his lungs. We kept our eye on him 24/7. It was not easy, and to watch such a small thing go thru such an ordeal was heart breaking. He had tons and tons of medicines, we took him to the vet everyday for 20 days for IV under his skin so he doesnt get dehydrated on top of his vitamin shots. The doctors in Vets in Practice here in Manila are the best. They really care for your little one.
Kind regards,

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