10 dogs saved in Florida distemper outbreak

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Above,  eight of the 10 dogs saved from distemper.
Posted to Facebook profile and fan page on May 25, 2011

Just wanted to tell you that we pulled 10 dogs ages 3mth to 3 yrs from Miami shelter during the distemper outbreak recently. All 10 tested positive for distemper. All were given serum along with Interferon injections, ribivarin, vitamin c, multi-vitamins and echneacia. Everyone survived and show no neuro signs!!
Not sure what worked specifically but I know that the combo did work!!! They all beat the odds. Thank you for creating the serum [discovered by Dr. Alson Sears.]

Kelly Huntsinger Chasnov
Wee Waggin Rescue


  1. mahalaleel says:

    good day to all.. hi im a owner of two rottweiler puppy the other one is 10months old and the other one is 4months old now.. unfortunately my 4months old rott got a parvo distemper.. can u please give me some advice? i will appreciate any piece of advice. thank you so much..


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