Getting help with the costs of veterinary care

At Kind Hearts In Action, we’ve fought canine distemper more with information than with money.

Through this website and via e-mails, we’ve been a resource on the NDV treatments. But we don’t have the financial resources to help owners pay for these treatments. This has been heartbreaking because so many times we hear about people who wanted to try the NDV treatments,  but they didn’t have means to pay for them.

Long-term, our strategy is about proving that distemper dogs can be saved by using the NDV-induced serum before the sixth day of symptoms. Not only will this spare dogs the painful and hard-to-treat neurologic stage of the disease, but it should be much more affordable for the dog owners.

But in the meantime, dog owners often face staggering vet bills because very often they do not find out about the NDV treatments until they have already paid hundreds of dollars to vets for the standard course of treatments. There was a very good post on the Speaking for Spot blog today about the high costs of veterinary treatment that you might want to check out here.

Up to now, our advice on how to pay for climbing vet bills has been limited to suggesting a Chip-in or using CareCredit. But now we have another tool to suggest. is a crowd funding website that lets people set up projects to collect money for a variety of reasons, from paying an unexpected vet or medical bill to starting a business or funding an independent movie. The concept of microgiving is related to the concept of microloans championed by Muhammad Yunus, who won the Nobel Prize in 2006.  But these are not loans, but small gifts of $5, $10 or $20 or more that together can add up to the meeting the need of your project. Microgiving takes small percentage of what is raised.

One of the things that works about the site is that it connects people in need with the people who can help.

Kind Hearts In Action has a partnership arrangement with Microgiving, so if you do use the site, it can help us too. Soon, we also plan to use Microgiving to help raise funds for Project Carré.

So, check out their site and see if it could help you raise the money you need to pay emergency vet bills or other needs that you have. Please feel free to post comments here about how the Microgiving experience went for you.

Ed Bond
project director on canine distemper
Kind Hearts In Action