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Informational videos

These are video clips from Dr. Al Sears lecture in Houston on Oct. 24, 2009.

Videos of cases treated

These videos were created from footage sent in from the owners of distemper dogs saved by Dr. Al Sears‘ treatments.

Istanbul, Turkey

Alberta, Canada

The Philippines

Houston, Texas

Cebu, The Philippines

Compilation of several dogs

Miami, Florida

Southern California

San Diego, California

Szekszárd Shelter, Hungary

Istanbul, Turkey

Szekszárd Shelter, Hungary

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  1. Georgia Harris says:

    After reading the stories & watching videos…I am truly amazed at the success Dr. Sears has had treating distemper.I only wish I didn’t live so far away (New Mexico) for my Macy to be treated & cured by him. She’s a 6 mo. old German Shepard & has been fighting symptoms since April 7th.She’s twitching like Ice did…
    her eyes are way better and my son kept her nose cleaned out when it would plug up(better now too)She has been drinking water and eating a little something every day until today, which worries me because she has lost weight..tho can still walk around & wants outside to be with my other shepard who’s 8 yrs. old. We have given her anti-biotics, vitamins, herbs and been all over internet searching…searching…Can she be helped? Or are we just
    spinning our wheels prolonging the inevitable? I haven’t wanted to give up on her she was such a sweet rambunctious puppy we love
    her so much. Keep up the good work Dr. Sears and God Bless You!

  2. jonah lynne enriquez says:

    hello.. pls help me asap.. i am begging for help.. my puppy who is 5 months is like having distemper..january 7 she stopped eating and drinking..she have runny nose wid clear liquid .. the next day she started vomitting yellow.. she is very weak.. and sometimes her stool is watery brownish and foul smelling, her eyes are red i mean the white part turns red.. and i notice sometimes her head is shaking.. pls help me.. i dont want to lose her coz i love my puppy so much!

  3. Norvin Alfonso says:

    saw icy’s video on youtube it was amazing. my dog is kinda having distemper he twitch sometimes.. at first he wont eat or drink. he got so weak and thin.. but he can walk but weakly. after a week or two he still doesn’t eat. the i took him to the vet and they just gave him dextrose and some inject some.. i think its for the cough then a local vet continues to inject some.. like 2x 1 per day.. (he breath heavily) the said it kills virus. (i didn’t know what it is.)a day or two. he starts to eats and drink. he breath normally. then like 4 to 5 days he falls then cant get up.. now he cant get up or walk. the next day he’s like (chewing gum sym) the next day its gone. its 10 days since. when he eats he shake his head up and down. like a chicken but difrent. im from the philippines davao city. the vet said it doesnt have a cure for distemper. he still eats a lot. its a 2yrs old dog.

  4. We need help on how to prevent distempering

    • As to preventing distemper, the best method is the get your dogs vaccinated. If you have a dog that has gotten sick and is showing symptoms of distemper, the NDV treatments can help. Please explore our website and e-mail Let us know where you are, whether you have a diagnosis, what symptoms you have seen, whether you are seeing seizures or other neurologic problems. Also tell us how old the dog is and what breed.


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