Please tell a friend about canine distemper

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped Project Carré.

Our current Microgiving fundraiser, which has added $940 to our total so far, will be wrapping up Nov. 3, and we need help getting out the word to people who have not dealt with this disease. While we’ve raised more than $3,000 in the battle against canine distemper, we still need at least $2,000 more just to get started.

So many people who have helped know about distemper firsthand.

You know what it’s like to watch as a beloved, furry member of the family gets these flu-like symptoms, then later starts twitching in a leg, shuddering in the head and eventually starts having seizures. Along the way, the pads of the feet get hard. Walking becomes difficult. The nose, already stuffed with mucous, dries and cracks. All the joy in being a dog falls away. It is no wonder so many vets will recommend euthanasia as a kindness to these animals.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Dogs can be returned to health: running, playing, hunting animals in the woods, smelling, living life to its fullest. I’ve seen it happen with my own dog, and people from all over the world have written to me about their success stories.

We’ve got pictures, videos and owners accounts to show this.

However, this remains a little-understood disease.

For most owners, distemper is just one of many diseases that their pet gets an inoculation for during a routine vet visit. Distemper is just a remote hypothetical to them, and they need someone who knows about this disease first hand to explain what it is and why it is so important that a cure be approved.

I’ve put together a Q&A that you might show to your friends and contacts or that you might use to talk about distemper and why a cure is needed. You can find it here.

Please share this with your friends, or send them direct to the page on Project Carré.

Bear in mind just how unique our cause is. How many nonprofits do you know of fighting a disease, trying to find a cure?

We are a cause fighting a disease and we ALREADY have a cure. All that remains is to prove that it works.

With one smart, focused effort — backed by enough donations — we can put an end to this.

Dogs will no longer have to die of canine distemper.


Ed Bond


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