Why I care about canine distemper

I care about this disease because:

1) We lost two puppies in a row to distemper.

2) The next year, another dog of ours, Galen, also came down with distemper, but was SAVED because of the NDV-induced serum discovered by Dr. Al Sears.

3) Even though this serum has saved dogs AROUND THE WORLD, it has not yet been accepted as a treatment by the veterinary profession.

4) Until this treatment is accepted, dogs will NEEDLESSLY DIE of this disease.

We need donations to fund our effort to prove these treatments can work. If you can donate, please do. If you cannot, please SHARE!

Please send our videos and website to your friends or anyone who cares about dogs.

It all depends on you.

Thank you,

Ed Bond
Kind Hearts In Action