Titan conquers distemper

Received Dec. 9 2011

I have to say that one of the worst days of my life was September 7th 2011 when I found out that my dog Titan may have distemper due to the symptoms he was having.

I thought that it was some kind of cold that he would get thru since he is a strong dog that has never been sick, until I noticed a green/yellow discharge from his nose and more eye buggers than normal. We decided to take him to


the Vet and get some blood tests to see what was going on with him. Effectively, the morning of September 8th I was told that Titan had tested positive for distemper and that he would probably not make it.

My world, and heart broke into little pieces at the thought of my boy not even making it to his 3rd birthday, I could not give up and give into the doctor’s pessimistic view on Titan, and as hard headed as I am, I started researching more and more to understand the virus, then I came across the www.kindheartsinaction.com web page and almost immediately received a response to my desperate email providing me with some information on NDV vaccine and some contacts in Florida that can possibly have the NDV vaccine.

I quickly called and made an appointment with a vet in Orlando which is 4 hours from my house and then continued to look if there was anyone closer to me that I could receive a faster vaccine since the vet in Orlando only had space to see Titan until Friday night. I could not wait and finally came across a vet in Venice, Florida. I arrived that morning at his clinic and Titan was given the NDV vaccine intravenous, and was prescribed antibiotics to help fight the Distemper virus. Lucky for us titan had no neurological damage yet, and only had the first symptoms of distemper with the discharge, and a wild cough.

The next day I woke up Titan had taken a full 180 and was looking so much better and not coughing as much as before. He started running around chasing lizards, and climbing trees again, and on the second day he was totally over all of his symptoms and back to his normal self again.

I can’t thank you guys so much for saving my dog and giving me the information, hope, and motivation to fight for Titan. As of September 21 he was officially done with his antibiotics and doing great. I am so happy that there is no signs of damage to my boy and he can now live the normal and happy dog life that I have always wanted to give him, if there is anything I can say about this is, don’t give up when people tell you “NO” because when there is a will there is a way and I am living proof.

In conclusion please make sure that your dog has his distemper shot every year, I believe that with the NDV vaccine, antibiotics, God, and being there with my dog thru the whole time allowed him to see that it was worth fighting so he can be with his best friend till the end of days. Today December 09 2011, Titan is 200% and a healthy, happy boy.

Thank you again.

Regards Josh Zepeda and Titan

Miami, Florida