Distemper Story: The Rising of Venus in the Philippines

AUGUST 6, 2012, 6pm

We picked up our Baby Venus  in the airport. An adorable and sweet 2 month old puppy we imported from another country through the help of an importer here in the Philippines.  It was one of the happiest moments we had, especially for my daughter Sam. Venus is happy, affectionate and playful puppy.


AUGUST 7, 2012, 9AM

We brought her to the Vet near our place. The doctor there is a dear friend, and is also very reliable and the best vet in town. We haven’t received yet the health record of Venus from the importer. So we just got her shots updates over the phone and through the document we received from the breeder and vet of the country where she came from. It says there she had 5 in 1 shots, Revolution from Ticks and Fleas, Deworming. However, we found so much ticks and fleas on her and when the vet assistant took her temperature; worms came out of her behind. We all freaked out! I asked the vet to give her a blood test to make sure she was not sick of something. The Vet told us he can’t give shots on Venus yet coz she just arrived and may cause her a lot of stress. What was done to her was blood test and revolution. Vet said not to deworm her yet coz it says on the document that she already had. Her blood test was normal.


AUGUST 8, 2012, 9AM

Went back to the vet near our town and insisted to have her dewormed coz worms might make her sick and we have other healthy dogs at home that might catch the worms or something. But Venus was on quarantine since she just arrived. When she defecated that morning, there were so many tape worms on her stool that it drove me nuts! Again in the Vet clinic tape worms came out of her behind which I find so alarming. Vet gave us tablets to give Venus as soon as we get home for her deworming. I also bought some for my 2 dogs just to be sure although my 2 dogs are always updated with their shots and check ups and all, I just wanted to be doubly sure!


AUGUST 8, 2012, 9pm,

My husband gave Venus the deworming tablets. However, she vomited  a few minutes after. Also noticed that she sneezes but not very often probably just twice that day and so I texted my 2 vets and asked them about the sneezing. Told them no discharge whatsoever. The other vet near our place replied and he said it might just be allergies or irritation.


AUGUST 9, 2012, 9AM

Went back to the Vet with Venus to have her checked again, and this time vet gave her the deworming tablets instead.

AUGUST 10, 2012, 7AM

Dead worms seen in her stool. No tape worms seen anymore. They probably dissolved already. What a relief done with the ticks and fleas! Done with the worms!  We gave a her a quick warm bath coz she really stinks  even though we already sponge bath her when she arrived from the airport. But because she was soaked with her urine and all in the kennel when she was in the plane, the sponge bath didn’t get rid of the stench so we gave her quick warm bath instead. She has some sort of bites on her skin, probably of the fleas and ticks she had.


AUGUST 11, 2012, 7AM

Noticed she was sneezing again. Again, I texted our vets and informed them about the sneezing.


AUGUST 11, 2012, 9PM

She has this choking up thing. I am not sure if she ate something that made her choke a little. Again texted the vet about it.


AUGUST 16,2012, 9AM

Brought Venus again to the vet near our place. I am bothered by the chocking and sneezing.  We also found pus under her armpit. Vet checked on her and prescribed an anti allergy medicine.  According to the vet, the pus on her armpit was just a flea bite that was infected.


AUGUST 17, 2012, 7AM

She didn’t finish her food, which is so unusual. She has heavy appetite and always looking forward to eat. Texted our vet and he said it might be indigestion. So she was given hyper acidity medicine.


AUGUST 18 – 20 2012,

Didn’t finish food. Eyes watery and seems feverish. Not too playful but still plays around when we are with her.


AUGUST 19, 2012

Decided to ask for 2nd opinion from our other vet. Texted Dr. Nielsen and informed him about Venus’ deterioration. He advised me to have her tested for Distemper.


AUGUST 20, 2012

Since VIP (Vets In Practce) is too far from our place like an hour-and-a-half drive and just way so much traffic, we decided to have her tested at our town vet. However he advised to have Venus’ tested after 3 weeks instead coz Venus’ doesn’t have symptoms of Distemper. Vet said she seems ok just continue on the anti- allergy medicine. Venus stayed with us in our bedroom .


AUGUST 20, 2012

Updated Dr Nielsen with the result of the check up. But Dr Nielsen seemed concerned that Venus should really have to undergo distemper testing, just to rule out distemper.

AUGUST 21,2012

Brought Venus instead to VIP. There were so many patients that day. We were so last on the list but we were called right away to go straight to the lab. We even heard comments about how come we went first! If only they know what Venus might have that’s why we went first to avoid contaminating the whole place!


AUGUST 21, 2012,1:22PM

Venus’ test for distemper was positive. It was as if my whole world fell apart! All I can remember is Dr Nielsen himself telling us she has distemper. And after that, I was speechless and I just can’t hear what Dr Nielsen is saying. All I know I  just cried out loud and my husband led me to the car. Waited for my husband while he talks to vets in VIP. Texted the importer about it.

My husband Jeff explained to me everything and told me about Dr Sears serum that could cure distemper. We need a healthy large dog as blood donor for Venus. My husband said Mary is a candidate. Mary is  my 1 year and 6 mos old Alaskan Malamute. Jeff said they need to test her first. If she passed , they’ll inject this virus on Mary then after 12 hrs bring Mary back to VIP to draw blood from her. She’ll be sedated. At first, I was so confused. So many questions in my mind. Shall I allow Mary to be the donor? Is this safe for my baby Mary?I lover her to death I don’t want anything bad to happen to our Mary? All that words that kept on popping in my mind, VIRUS, BLOOD! Both sounds eerie and scary to me! While in the car, I browsed on the net through my mobile phone about Dr Sears distemper serum. The first thing that caught my attention was these very words “How My Dog Bailey Survived Distemper and How Yours Could TOO! on March 29, 2011 by adventuresofabeautyqueen. I clicked it right away and saw the name of Joyce Burton! It was like I was on the clouds! It just so happens that I know her! She’s one of the superiors in my mom’s office. I read her column and was enlightened somehow and it gave me hope! I really thank God for Joyce’s article. It was like a light at the end of the tunnel! I rushed to asked mom for Joyce Burton’s mobile number. I texted her and she replied right away. Just so happy to talk to someone who gave me encouragement and hope. She was my inspiration as well as her Bailey at that time. She shared to me websites I could read and gave me Mr. Ed Bond’s email address and website: Kind Hearts in Action. He is an activist about this and responds fast Joyce’s said. She told me Ed Bond has helped her a lot during Bailey’s fight against Distemper. From then on Joyce has been giving me advices and encouraging me following up about Venus. She even volunteered Bailey and her other dogs to be donors. It was a relief for me because I know it’ll be hard for me to look for a donor if ever Mary cannot. Who will ever allow their healthy dog go through this for a dog they hardly know? But Vet Melay advised us to just try Mary first coz she’s the best candidate so far.

AUGUST 21, 2012, 4PM,

Mary had blood test. Result showed she’s healthy and can be a donor! It was mixed emotion. Happy for my Venus yet worrisome for my Mary.

AUGUST 21, 2012, 6PM

Brought Mary back to VIP to inject to her the New Castle Virus. We were asked to buy this new castle that can be bought somewhere in Quezon City. It has to delivered fast though and should be in a chiller.  Poor Mary… L We were asked to come back after 12 hrs on the dot to draw blood from her. It was the longest drive ever for my husband and I. Just so tired and weary…

Checked on Venus when we got home. I have to Isolate her and it hurts me coz we are not used putting a dog in an enclosure. But we have to because we have another puppy and Mary. Gave all of them COLLOIDAL SILVER per Joyce’s advice and confirmed by Dr Nielsen. Bought it at VIP. Amount depends on the weight of the dog.  Colloidal Silver is a natural antiviral, anti fungal and anti bacterial. We gave this to all of them since they were exposed to the virus. They might catch from Venus the complications like Pneumonia.

That night, I emailed Mr Bond with so many questions anxiously waiting for his reply… True enough with what Joyce said, he responds fast! I was so happy to hear from “THE” MR ED BOND! He patiently answered all my questions and gave me articles to read on. He assured me that the New Castle Virus is safe and will not hurt Mary in any way. Another answered prayer… Mr.Bond was so accommodating. We really appreciate it coz he has been a great relief for us!


AUGUST 22, 2012, 6AM

Brought Venus to VIP for her 1st shot. Venus was rather weak and lethargic. No apetite as well.

AUGUST 22, 2012, 6PM

Brought Venus back to VIP again for her 2nd shot. When we got back home, Venus was rather playful and she ate a lot.


AUGUST 23, 2012, 6AM

Venus’ 3rd shot at VIP. At this time, Venus seems back to her old self again. She’s so playful, gnawing on anything and running after our butts! Her eyes are not gloomy anymore and no signs of discharge from her nose and eyes. Her appetite was heavy and she barks like crazy!


AUGUST 24 to 26, 2012

Venus seems to be not sick. She is lively and her tongue is pinkish and her eyes are bright! She’s back!!!! She developed some rashes on her tummy and neck. The doctor said it might be manifestations that she had distemper. She had a lump on her back near her nape as well. We just put hot compress. We thought it is something serious. I was just from the serum shots. The skin just got inflamed or something but after a day it was gone!


AUGUST 27, 2012

Brought Venus back to VIP. Dr. Melay checked on her and she doesn’t have any signs nor symptoms of Distemper anymore. We continued her antibiotics . We waited for another week just to be sure.



Brought Venus back to VIP. They took her blood and tested her for distemper. She is already negative from distemper! We were just so overjoyed! God is so good and amazing! The serum really worked! We didn’t even have to do the spinal tap anymore. Good thing we detected it at a very early stage.

Now we are just waiting for next week for Venus’ shots and deworming and after a week she could be with us outside the park again!

It is very important that the very first sign of colds (sneezing) and watery eyes and cough (choking) as well as low appetite to see the vet right away and have the pup checked for distemper if the pup is below 4 mos of age and shots are not yet complete. We did see a vet first signs of sneezing but vet told us it might just be allergies and was given allergy medicine. We came back the next day coz Venus seems to be choking. It was again diagnosed as allergies, since there were no symptoms yet of distemper some vets won’t test them. Vet told us to wait for 3weeks until there’ll be symptoms of distemper. But better insist. We brought Venus to another vet (Dr Nielsen VIP) and had her tested for distemper and came out positive. Venus was even tested 2x at VIP to be sure. Good thing we had her tested right away coz if not she could’ve gotten worse, and it would have far more complications and be too late to save her.


I would like to thank first and foremost our dear God for healing our Venus through Dr. Sears’ serum. I thank God for Dr. Sears for without him, my dog’s life wouldn’t have been saved! I thank you Mr. Ed Bond for being so supportive, accommodating and kind. Thank you for all the encouragement, knowledge about the disease and for answering all my so many questions. Thank you for sparing time to reply to me. Without you and Joyce Burton, I wouldn’t have made it through this. Of course, I thank you Joyce Burton! You are my angel! You are heaven-sent to us! God allowed Bailey to experience such for you to help people like me. Thank you for being there all throughout the process day and night. Thank you for your replies to me even late at night and wee hours of the morning even though my text messages are just plain old anxieties. Thank you for praying with us. Thank you for offering your dogs to donate blood for Venus just in case Mary my dog won’t be a good candidate. Thank you so much Joyce for being a friend and a confidant. Surely, God brought you to our lives for this very reason! And my family, dogs and I will be supporting you and Ed Bond in sharing the whole world the news about this remarkable serum of Dr Sears. I hope and pray the medical world will accept Dr Sears work that can save a lot of dog’s life and save a dog owner’s heart from the pain of putting their dog to sleep instead because they thought there is no cure for this disease. We want to be with you to share to the world that there is still Hope if their dogs have distemper.

And of course, A million thanks to you Dr Nielsen Donato, Dr. Melay Pelayo, Dr. Allison,  Dr. Gina Pineda, Dr. Kathleen Tiu and all the doctors and staff  of Vets in Practice for being the instruments of God to make the serum of Dr Sears and care for my Venus. VIP, YOU ARE THE BEST AMONG THE BEST! I keep on telling others, VIP ain’t perfect, who is? They are not God who knows everything. But they are the best!  I am so blessed to have known you guys! Thank you for believing Dr Sears and for doing everything you can to make this serum and find a cure for dog’s with distemper . Thank you for not giving up on Venus and on us. Thank you for everything!!!!!!!! We are forever grateful! I will tell the whole world how wonderful you guys are and that VIP is the best not only in the Phils but one of the best in the world! Dr Nielsen, you are just one of a kind! I am in awe how good you really are! Dra Melay, you’ll be the next generation Nielsen! Keep it up guys! Thank you so so so much VIP!!!!!

God is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz Bartolazo
The Philippines
Sept. 5, 2012