Chopper is now a healthy and happy dog

Chopper is a two-year old Chihuahua/Husky Mix.  When we rescued Chopper on New Year’s Eve, he immediately went into the Emergency Clinic that night.  The vet diagnosed him with distemper, and recommended returning him to the shelter, or putting him down.  There was no way!  Although, we only had him for a few hours, he was completely wrapped around our hearts!

He was admitted into the emergency clinic for a 36-hour stay until our regular vet re-opened after the Holiday.  He was so sick and so sad.  When he saw our regular vet, she agreed…it appeared to be distemper.

I found online, over the weekend and had to at least TRY the NDV to save Chopper.  We were concerned because he started his serum on Day 7.  Three days after the third injection, Chopper was a different dog!  He was full of energy, jumping, and playing with his new sister, Lucy.

Six months later, and Chopper is a healthy and happy dog!  He is full of energy, and brings us so much happiness.  He and his eight-year old sister, Lucy, are best friends.

In addition to distemper, Chopper tested positive for heartworms.  He is SO healthy now, he started Heart-worm Treatment last week (and is recovering with no complications).  Mr. Bond, thank you for your efforts to save so many precious dogs from distemper!  Because of your work, Chopper survived distemper!

Monty G. Broughton
Houston, Texas

Received June 25, 2013