Dr. Sears describes a spinal tap

This is from Dr. Sears’ lecture in October 2009. It’s a very useful clip for any vets who are using the spinal tap. To order the DVD go here.


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  1. Hello I am D.V.M. Luz Maria Perez we are in mexico and we have a doberman in our clinic with confirm distemper he already has chorea high fever, nasal and ocular discharge, weak, dehydration, we are treating with the regular fluids, vitamins, antivirals, antibiotics, and caseine, he has not improved has been here only one day and we are willing to try this new treatment by tomorrow, on my understanding we have to do the spinal tap becasue already has neurological sings is that correct? or can we still do the IV vaccine of newcastle? any recomendations?
    Sincerely D.V.M. Luz Maria Perez

    • Yes, if the dog is in the seizure stage, you will need to perform the spinal tap, which is described on this page. I will send you contact information for other vets who may be able to help you.

  2. Maricarmen Montesinos says:

    Hello, my puppy has distemper and we have treated with vitamins and antibiotics, but the distemper has advanced to the neuronal phases. I wonder if you have any contact in Quito – Ecuador (Southamerica) to perform the spinal tap.


    • I’m sorry, I do not know of vets using this in Ecuador. The closest would be the Dominican Republic, but I don’t think they have had successes with the NDV spinal tap. The next closest would be Puerto Rico or Mexico. E-mail me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com and I can give you details.

  3. Hi, I am from the philippines and am planning to have the spinal tap done on our dog tomorrow because he tested positive for distemper yesterday and has been exhibiting facial tics. I just want to get a clarification, if we have the spinal tap done on our dog do we still need to perform the treatment with the serum?

    • There are two battlegrounds for distemper in the dog. One is the nervous system, the other is the rest of the body. They are separated by a blood-brain barrier. The spinal tap is needed to get the NDV into the nervous system to fight the distemper virus there. Usually, by the time the virus gets to the nervous system, the battle in the rest of the body is over. So, serum may not be needed with the spinal tap. However, if the symptoms in the rest of the body remain — dry eyes, dry pads of feet, mucous in nose — and if the dog’s health is overall struggling, the serum can make a big difference. But just remember the serum injection to the body cannot get into the nervous system. It won’t help fight neurologic problems, but if needed it can increase the odds of survival. If you have further questions, please e-mail me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com.


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