Help others with their vet bills

Even though there are treatments available to save dogs with distemper,
many are not able to pay the vet bills. It’s a tragedy that so many dogs die needlessly.

We’ve set up this page to help promote the crowd-funding sites for dog owners trying to save their dogs.

On a case-by-case basis and while funds are available, Kind Hearts In Action will award matching donations for the fundraisers posted on this page. (Until we are no longer able to.)

So, please help us to help others

Or, you could donate directly Kind Hearts In Action, and we will distribute the donations as matching funds to distemper campaigns.

So, you can donate to an individual fundraiser to support a dog with distemper, or donate to Kind Hearts In Action and help many dog owners. It’s up to you.

Kind Hearts In Action is a 501c3 nonprofit. If you would like to have your crowd-funding campaign posted here, please contact Ed Bond at


Dec. 5, 2013