Using the NDV before seizures

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If a dog is older than 12 weeks and does not have an immune system already compromised by another disease, a shot of the Newcastle Disease Vaccine may be enough to create the response needed to fight distemper. However, the dog should not be in the neurologic stage [seizures], and the shot should be given before the dog has gone through six days of symptoms. However, some pure-bred dogs do not make the needed response, and these include German Shepherd, Poodles, Irish Setters, Gordon Setters, English Bulldogs and Shar Peis. These would need to be treated with the serum.


Here are Dr. Sears’ notes on using Newcastle Disease Vaccine, as a simple intravenous shot to the body of a dog in the pre-seizure stage of canine distemper:  This is made with 6 cc of diluent into a bottle of 1000 virus particles. The dosage is 0.2 cc of mixture per 10 pounds of dog. Give the injection twice over 24 hours as factor induced is short lived.  This is the inducer.   If treating ODE [post seizures] the dose is 1/2  cc of same into the foramen magnum

As to the injection site: “There are three veins available in the dog. Cephalic in the front leg. Popliteal in the hind leg and the Jugular in the neck. Any works well.”

Note: Some vets have reported dogs going into shock following the intravenous NDV injection. However, they have been able to manage this with fluids and epinephrine. Others have said they give the shot over a 15-minute period to avoid shock.

Where To Get NDV

You might be able to find the Newcastle Disease Vaccine in an agricultural supply store. But there are sources online.

Jeffers Livestock is where you can order NDV (LaSota strain) online. Make sure you order this one which does not combine any other vaccines with it:

Poulvac® Newcastle B
Newcastle Disease(LaSota Strain)(MLV)
(Fort Dodge) Vaccine
F7-JD Poulvac® Newcastle LaSota

The above company is in Dothan, Alabama.

Here are some numbers for them:
Toll Free:1-800-JEFFERS or 1-800-533-3377

Alternate supplier

The Newcastle Disease Vaccine can also be ordered through this Web site:

If you are in Southern Florida, here is a vet who uses the straight shot of NDV:

Dr. Raul Mendy
Cooper City Animal Clinic
9600 Griffin Rd, Fort Lauderdale, 954-434-6166

Website for a group that treats dogs with NDV:


  1. hi,

    i have problem

    our baby shih-tzu is 18mos old and was diagnosed for distemper.

    and now the problem is we dont have the NDV serum and what I did is injected 1cc of NDV under the skin not intravenously. will there be effect on my dog?

    please help us.

    • edbond251 says:

      We need more information. Was your dog having seizures? How long had you seen symptoms?

      Where in the U.S. or the world are you?

      The NDV will not hurt your dog, but in your circumstance it would be better if it was IV. You should have a vet performing the treatment.

      Download on the full protocols are here:

      • our bay have not shown any symptoms at all except for the loss of appetite. we live here in the philippines. we cant find any vet who will perform the IV.

        our dog was diagnosed distemper last march 7, until now our dog doesnt eat on her own.

        what do we need to do now?

        im hopeless

  2. my 4 yr lab has started to show signs of distemper. he had chewing gum twitches from 4 days. today in the morning he showed full body seizure for the first tym. now hes back to the twitches. is there any hope. wat is the course of treatment…

  3. hi

    please do help me in our concern,

    we have 18mos old shih-tzu was diagnosed for distemper last march 7, ubtil now there are no symptoms except for the loss of apetite.

    the problem is I tried to inject 1cc of NDV under the skin but not intravenously. will this be a problem? or do I need to do it again through IV?

    needed your response .



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