Photos and video from the Dominican Republic

SAD UPDATE 2/10/2010: Dixie had a relapse. Dr. Sears suspected some sort of other infection triggered this new attack, but Dixie died Feb. 10, 2010. With this sad case comes a reminder that no medical treatment can offer a 100 percent guarantee of recovery. There are unaccounted factors, and the length of time that passes before treatment is a major issue. Dogs treated with NDV-induced serum within six days of the onset of symptoms show a recovery rate in the high 90s.

1/23/2010: Here’s the story from Dimas De Moya of the Dominican Republic, who sent in photos and video after his 7-month-old pug, Dixie, was treated for canine distemper and is making a recovery.

Received January 23, 2010:

“Well, long story short, my wife and I had to leave town to visit her aunt. We left Dixie in a dog’s caring center (which we regret until this day) to make the trip. The next day after she arrives to our home she started vomiting, that was the first sign something was wrong.  We took her to one vet who said she got a parasite on her stomach. They gave her meds and the next day she was ok. Suddenly  three or four days later I  notice some salivate on her mouth, but didn’t quite know what it was until I saw her having a seizure. I look it up on google and came across with Distemper, I took her to another vet and describe the symptoms and he made a distemper test. Sadly it came positive.

“Look further and discover your page…. The rest is what we are living day by day, praying for her recovery and supporting her every step of the way.

“The treatment was done on Monday the 18th. She seems to be having good progress, yesterday she presented more coordinated, standing alone and today we noticed her eating even more than the past days. Hopefully she’s on her way to recover from Distemper, only time will tell.”

“Attached is a video of her eating after the procedure was done. She’s a fighter since day one, we do hope she wins this fight thanks to the procedure and our love and caring.”

Here are some photos of Dixie before and after treatment