Plato needs surgery or therapy


This is not a distemper case, but Plato is a senior dog caught up in a sad divorce situation that has been “adopted” by us at Eco Dog Wash in Los Angeles. He’s the resident plaything for the rescue puppies and kittens who’ve passed through our doors. Unfailingly patient and good-natured but suffering from bad hips. We just found out today he had a major ACL tear that needs physical therapy and/or surgery.

We are collecting donations for his treatment.

Here’s more about Plato from Karen Bond, executive director of Kind Hearts In Action and co-owner of Eco Dog Wash:

“He was left with us and never picked up from boarding because of a bad divorce and money trouble. He is 10 going on 11 soon and has bad hips but a great attitude. When I broke my ankle he let me use him as a crutch to get up the stairs to the paramedics because they couldn’t get to me with the other 15 boarding dogs running around hysterically. He has been listed as adoptable but we (me) are so picky about where he goes we haven’t found a good match yet.  He is a big 80 lb guy, part bully mix and Akita we think. He’s the one with all the videos of kittens and puppies all over him.  Because he has a funny set to his hips he could have simply stepped off the curb wrong and exacerbated a smaller tear he may have got while rough housing with puppies (also see videos on our Facebook page) but it’s a major tear to the ACL, and he cannot walk more than a few feet with out falling down because he is so off balance and cannot put his leg down.  We are looking at physical therapy and a brace. We are trying to avoid surgery but the therapy and a custom brace are really expensive. Braces can run in the $600 to $900 range. He’s a big guy so it does make it a bit more pricey.  But we are getting more veterinary input this week.  He is everyone’s favorite guy and to be left at boarding after being a loyal companion for 10 years is hard but he just settled in and has been a superstar.”

UPDATE: We’ve received a quote from the vet that it will cost at least $1400 to get Plato better. We have so far raised nearly $400, so we still need your help.

Thank you,

Ed Bond