Feisty distemper survivor living a great life

This week (May 19, 2015) we received this happy update from Sara Matza of Houston about Feisty, a distemper dog we first heard about back in February:

“I contacted you earlier this year regarding Feisty, a homeless man’s dog who contracted distemper. I just want to let you know she miraculously survived thanks to your help and that of those at Westheimer Animal Clinic in Houston Texas. We honestly didn’t know if she would make it even after receiving the serum but so thankfully she did. She is going to remain in my care and is looking at heartworm treatment in the near future now that she is healthy.”

Here is the post from the GoFundMe fundraiser for Fesity:


And here is Feisty today:


Fesity, with her new pal Tipp.

After getting NDV serum and the NDV spinal tap, Fesity does have some continuing twitches, but it doesn’t affect her quality of life. Sara adds:

“She definitely is living a great life and loving it. I don’t think she notices her twitches but I worry about them for her … Tipp is our first dog we rescued him June of last year. Long story short we moved to Texas from California (my boyfriend as seen in the pictures, and I) just actually a few days short of a year. We came with no animals but now have a full house of 2 dogs (Tipp and Feisty) and 4 cats whom Feisty loves too! Feisty loves her brother. They play and wrestle and chew toys all day long together until they are too tired. Then they cuddle together.”

More pics of Feisty and Tipp:










Thanks for this great update, Sara!
— Ed Bond