Meet Mira, the miracle distemper survivor

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This is Mira — short for miracle — the only one of 6 puppies in a litter to survive distemper. By the time her foster mom, Nikki Brannon, contacted us in May, 2 of the pups had already been euthanized. Another was already having non-stop seizures.

The NDV serum was not able to save 2 of the remaining pups, but Mira survived. She is now “thriving and has no signs of infection. How she escaped the damage I can only attribute to her receiving the medicine on time.” writes Nikki. She goes on to say, “I thank you so much for the information needed to save this baby’s life!!!”

You’re welcome. Distemper is a terrible disease and difficult to beat in even the best of circumstances. Not every dog can be saved, but more are saved when owners and caregivers like Nikki are willing to try. We are always thrilled to hear about any dog surviving this disease. They are a hope for the rest of us, that more dogs can be saved.

Thank you, Nikki, for sharing these photos.

Ed Bond
Received July 3, 2015


November 2, 2015

Hi Ed,
Happy to report that Mira got adopted and is now 7 months old.
She has a front leg tremor and some teeth issues but she is alive and happy!!
Here’s a picture of her then and now!
Still grateful!
Feel free to share on your website!