Mexico City veterinarian using NDV serum to fight distemper


We are always glad to hear about more vets picking up the NDV treatments, but I was especially gladden to read this email from Dr. Enrique Quiroz of Mexico City”

“We are Servican DF in Mexico City; we’ve had the opportunity of contacting you in the past. I’m glad to get in touch with you again.
“I’m very proud to say that we’ve been having great success since we’ve been implementing Dr. Sears’ serum beginning 2012, with around 40 cases, of which some of them we have documented on film so you can watch them and perhaps upload to your webpage.
“Since I no longer have my office, I’m basically working at my home or the dog owner’s. This has worked wonders for our purposes, because the treatment is better received by the animals when they’re at their home and we can avoid having cases of immunosuppression.
“For all cases we have solved, we’ve made viral tests by immunofluorescence from blood so we are certain that we are fighting a viral disease like distemper, and we discard any other cases.
“We are very interested in being a reference for people who contact to you from in Mexico City, so please, if you consider appropriate, it would be kind of you if you could mention our info on your webpage so we can continue spreading the good news about your effective treatment for distemper and help so many dogs in our city.”


Dr. Enrique Quiroz, M.V.Z.
Servican DF
ph. 55 4681-4306
cell. 55 4324-9647

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— Ed Bond

Here are videos about one of Dr. Quiroz’s cases: