Klaus has made a recovery from distemper

Email received from the Philippines on September 24, 2015


My dog Klaus was diagnosed yesterday to have distemper. I was so sad and I could not think of anything. After I knew that, I keep on browsing the internet to look for a possible cure. I found your article and I will give it a try. I will go tomorrow in Vets in Practice to avail the serums needed for Klaus. He is still not yet having seizures so I am guessing that this is an early stage(hopefully). I am really sad and confused but I need to be strong for Klaus. Hopefully you can give me an advised of the best thing to do.

I have attached the pics of Klaus for your reference.

Thank you.

IMG_20150917_212522 IMG_20150924_103731

After an exchange of emails, I received this email on Nov. 9:

Hello Ed,

I hope you are keeping well.

Here’s the latest pictures and videos of my dog(Klaus) who suffered distemper. With all the luck and the Dr. SEARS Serum, he is getting better now. The Pendragon Vet Hospital helped him a lot also.

I also want to thank you with your advice and recommendations.

Pam Mercado

IMG_20151010_102247 IMG_20151108_090650