A VIP distemper survivor needs a home

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I first heard about Nilla late on a Friday night in May 2012.

I must admit, even for me, the situation looked bleak.

This beloved border collie belonged to the son of a pastor/farmer in South Dakota. She was already deep into the neurologic stage of distemper, crippled and blind. They were also thousands of miles from the any of the vets who were using the Newcastle Disease Vaccine treatments. Also, it was the beginning of the weekend. Who would be open?

But that did not deter Clark Audiss. With unbridled determination and a deep faith, Clark made phone calls and drove far and wide until he found a source of NDV and a place willing to perform the NDV spinal tap. Nilla was treated at Kansas State Vet School and very quickly recovered her sight. Over the next few months, she began to crawl, to walk, to run and even jump over obstacles. Her case is what inspired the current study of the NDV spinal tap at Kansas State Vet School.

Nilla has been living a good life with the Audiss family. She has occasional bouts of seizures brought on by changes in the weather, but anti-seizure medication helps keep that under control.

However, the family is moving and cannot bring Nilla along. None of the rental opportunities in their new town allow pets.

She needs a home, somewhere with people who will love her and understand her key role in the campaign to save dogs from distemper.  We don’t want to lose track of Nilla. Kansas State would not want to lose track of her either. When she dies, the school would want to study her brain.

If you would like to give Nilla a new home, you can contact Clark Audiss. His contact information is below.


Here is an email from Clark

Hello Ed,

I enjoyed visiting with you yesterday and catching up on the progress made in studying the NDV treatment.  As I mentioned, we have accepted a new position as pastor of a small church and it appears we will be in a rent situation.  Because it is a small town, rent opportunities are very limited and all we have seen currently say “no pets”.  Nilla’s amazing story has touched so many people and we cannot just let her go without knowing she is in a loving home and being well cared for.  I am tearing up as I type these words…, “She is family”!  Thank you for all you have done for Nilla and thank you for offering to help find her a good home.  Jen and I are praying for the day when all the studies and all the research verify what we already know….there is hope and there is a cure!


Clark & Jennifer Audiss

Clark A. Audiss

Evangelism & Discipleship Pastor

Calvary Church

1210 S. Hwy 15, PO Box 549

Milbank, SD 57252



UPDATE: 12/19/2015

Good morning Ed,

We have found a home for Nilla!  She will be staying here in SD with a friend of my wife’s sister.  Thanks for all your help (: