Kimba from Cebu

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We were contacted by Brian Hodgson of Toledo City, Cebu, in the Philippines back in May. Their puppy, Kimba, had been diagnosed with distemper and the vet immediately recommended euthanasia.

“Vet told us to dig a grave. No cure and no chance of survival. …. Is there anything I can do ? I’m not prepared to give up that easily  :(((”

Unfortunately, I had no vets using NDV to recommend in Cebu, but Brian still did not give up on this pup. The only treatment the vet would perform was the euthanasia. They decided to treat the dog on their own. With antiboitics, electrolytes and fluids and a lot of TLC, Kimba made a full recovery.

Not every dog can be saved from distemper, but more are saved when the vets and owners are willing to try.

Brian sent us these pictures this week.

Hooray for Kimba!

Ed Bond