Stories on the Newcastle Disease Vaccine

Star-Gazette in Elmira N.Y.

Here’s the story my local newspaper did. Jan. 23, 2012

Philippines website Dec. 13, 2011

A cure for a deadly canine disease? Galax (Va.) Gazette Nov. 24, 2011

Magazine story

Four Paws magazine did a story on the NDV treatments. November 2011

TV news report

Here’s a story by News 8 in Austin Texas (1/28/2010):

 Number of Distemper Cases in Shelters Rising (4/26/2010)

[Story mentions the distemper treatment of M.J.]

Officials, vets report many more dogs with distemper (4/27/2010)

[story refers to NDV protocols as an experimental treatment.]

How Muttu made it (5/21/2010)

Pets magazine interview

Spanish language publication in the Dominican Republic interviewed Dr. Sears. 9/30/2010