Dachshunds saved from distemper

Here’s a Facebook post we really think everyone should read and watch this video:

From Linda Hendricks, Jan. 27, 2016

“Anya, tested positive for distemper in December after exposure on Nov 10th. (White, with dark spots in the video.) Treated with the NCD spinal tap treatment since she had neurological damage. Today, she is a happy, healthy dachshund in her adoptive home. Dexter, the other dachshund in the video, also showed the same early symptoms that Anya did after being exposed to her in the home. He was treated with the NCD body shots, and the result, although we aren’t 100% that he was infected, are obvious. If he also had distemper, we averted neuro damage, and if he didn’t, no harm was done.”

Thanks to Linda Hendricks for sending us this story and to Casey Toby for sharing the video.