Michelia makes a complete turnaround

From Anna Alexis Bariring of the Philippines

July 22, 2016

Hello again! First of all I want to thank you for all your help with our questions regarding Michelia’s distemper. I really appreciate you answering my e-mails. I wanted to update you also on her condition 🙂
We opted to go for the Newcastle vaccine body shot and she responded amazingly to the medicine! In about 12 hours her mood completely changed. She has been very active and her appetite improved a lot. Her doctor advised us to go back to the clinic two weeks after her shot. We brought her last Monday and the doctor cleared her of distemper! It was such great news for us. She has follow up check-ups now for vaccinations 🙂
The people who assist there were a bit surprised and were happy as well to see Michelia since they said most puppies they treated were not able to make it. I really believe that aside from the treatment that was given to her, the attention and care given to her has been a huge factor in her immediate recovery 🙂
This is Michelia after her recent check-up. She seems to be happy as well for being cleared of distemper 🙂