“Jumping so high and he just couldn’t get enough”


Received October 18, 2016

Good morning,
I came across your website this morning in regards to treating canine distemper.  I adopted a Labrador pointer [Bear] on 10/15/16 from a shelter when I brought him home I noticed he started having a wet sneeze.  On Monday 10/17/16, I took him to the vet for a checkup and at that point he suspected distemper.  They gave him antibiotic, so this morning, 10/18/16, he woke up sneezing even more with wet green mucus on his nose, not much stuff on his eyes.  He ate, was active this morning…but I am very afraid this is turning into distemper.
Can you please tell me what vet would administer the NDV treatment?  I live in the Baytown/Houston area.

Nuria Enciso

Received October 26, 2016

He examined Bear and he got the serum and guess what? 6hrs after he received the first shot I could already see a difference!  At 12hrs he had ZERO green mucus coming out of his nose, he was no longer congested.  At 24hrs all he has is a little clear drainage from his nose and he is “sneezing” as if trying to get the last of it out.  But I could tell he felt 100% better!  When I got home from work he greeted me with SO MUCH excitement.  He was jumping so high and he just couldn’t get enough. J  At 30hrs I noticed even his pink color had come back to his face and belly.  I am so grateful to you guys!!!  I cannot thank you enough!!

I attached some pictures of before and after the serum.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the amount of green gunk coming out of his nose…I was too busy wiping it off J.  But I am amazed I look at these pictures and just by looking at how his color came back….wow….


Thank you for all of your information!

Thank you,

Nuria Enciso