Dog diagnosed with distemper

Is your dog having seizures?


  1. randy pritchard says:

    I have a 5 year old female that contracted distemper..even though she had some preventative shots.. she had the eye discharge, runny nose, pneumonia , and was disoriented.. was having a hard time keeping her balance and could barely walk without falling over..

    I have been giving her clavamox twice daily,, . I gave her 2 super bcomplex daily , 2 400 IU vitamin E , 2 vitamin a , and 1 500 mg. vitamin c daily. I use tobramycin for the ocular problems.

    she has completely recovered.. has a great appetite and is gaining back her weight.she has no residual neurological effects.
    the most important thing that I have shared with “Puffy” is my love and affection.

    she is a lab/ pit mix, and wieghs about 50 lbs. I carried her when she couldn’t walk or jump.. when she regained some of her ability to walk,, I take her for a walk 3 times a day.. which has also been great for me..

    I still give her the super B complex, vitamin c and vitamin e once a day.
    the veterinarian suggested putting her to sleep..he said that
    95 % of diagnosed dogs die..
    my wife and I consider her’s a miracle recovery.

    it took about 4 weeks for full benefit,, but I noticed an almost immediate improvement with the vitamins.
    I leave this message in the hopes that this might help someone else fighting for their beloved family pet.

    • edbond251 says:

      Reply from Dr. Sears:

      This kind of a story is not uncommon. This is why the old wives tales that either vitamins or some antibiotics will stop distemper. In your missive, this dog has had shots, and was 5 years old. Why get sick after two. So, either she really did have distemper and is one of the lucky ones to recover only to have ODE later in life OR misdiagnosis which accounts for 99 % of stories of recovered dogs. Remmeber the look alikes. Most of those dogs were never diagnosed properly, cannot tell by just looking. WAS THERE A CSF ANTIBODY TEST FOR DISTEMPER, OR AN MRI? So, by the Literature they give Vitamins, fluids, antibiotics, rare chinese herbs, and god knows what all and lo and behold they get a recovery. Yea a cure for distemper, Yea–right. For all those that follow that E-mail 98 % will be dead in 2 weeks. Just go to any pound and watch the dogs coming back in and getting antibiotics. How many recover? How many get to a vet and recover? If you check with Vets that are really tuned into this disease and have tried to treat you will hear the true stories of sadness and failures. Vit C was a favorite of the Nobel winner from San Diego that claimed it cured colds and cancer. Remember. Was thoroughly discounted by tests in the Medical system and the US Army against recruits. NO EFFECT….. STILL DOES NOT CURE ANY VIRUS……..

  2. randy pritchard says:

    I plan to keep my dog on the vitamins with exercise, with clavamox if necessary. her 6 puppies had to be put down with severe seizures and pneumonia and chewing gum siezures. they ran around and seemed to be totally was horrible to witness. I tried evrything available to save the pups, but assume they did not have sufficient immunity…. my dog belonged to my neighbors.. when they told me they planned to put her down , I told them I would take her.she had only had 2 shots in 5 years.

    I realize there is not a cure,, because I have seen the devastation that distemper causes to the effected , but ” Puffy” is the exeption and not the rule.she seems to be one of the very few lucky dogs that have survived this horrible disease.

    my dog has survived 4 months now, and I hope for her continued good health.
    now that she is mine, I plan to take very good care of her.