Distemper dog with seizures

Here is the treatment for Old Dog Encephalitis, the neurologic form of canine distemper.

Here is a video in which Dr. Sears describes how to perform the spinal tap used in this treatment.

If you need help finding a vet who can perform this treatment, please contact Ed Bond at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com.

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  1. What are the odds of my 3month old puppy recovering from distemper?

    • edbond251 says:

      If a dog is treated with Dr. Sears’ serum before going through the sixth day of showing symptoms, the odds of survival are in the high 90s. After six days, the odds start dropping. Typically if you miss the six-day window, your dog is likely to go into the neurologic phase and will exhibit seizures, twitches, other ticks, spasms and shaking. However, there is still hope at this point. The NDV-induced spinal tap, which involves an injection of the Newcastle Disease Vaccine into the spinal canal, has saved dogs. However, we estimate the survival rate is probably around 60 percent. This is still much better than leaving the dog untreated, in which case the dog either dies or lingers on with crippling seizure activity. A dog treated with the NDV spinal tap can recover, and having defeated the distemper virus can have a chance of repairing the neurologic damage. If you need more specific help, please e-mail us at savedistemperdogs@yahoo.com.