Distemper dog before seizures

If your dog has distemper, but has not started having seizures, there are two options.

By far, the best option is to use Dr. Sears’ serum, but that requires a donor dog.

Here is how the serum is made.

If you cannot get the serum made, a shot of the NDV may be enough if your dog is more than 12 weeks old and does not have an immune system otherwise compromised.

Here is the information on using the straight NDV.

Please check out our FAQ.


  1. I have several dogs with possible distemper who where exposed by two others that died yesterday after days of seizures. I need help. Two of them started with fever about two weeks ago and are now coughing for about 4 days now. the other just started with fever yesterday. I have 9 more dogs that might have been exposed but had not showed any symptoms so far. I am in Perto Rico, is there a way to get the serum here or what do you sugest.