Thank you for your treatment protocol

From: Kumar Gaurav
Sent: Saturday, February 13, 2010 12:40 AM
To: ‘
Subject: Neuro Distemper Treatment for my dog
Dear Sir,
Greetings !!!!!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your treatment protocol, it was very useful.
My dog a Labrador 6 yrs old was initially diagnosed with Distemper by our doctor in Delhi, India,Mr. Ajay Sood. He started the treatment with Mysoline Tablet to stop the jerk in the hind leg as mentioned in the earlier mail sent to you. His health detoriated further and his head too started to vibrate, seeing this the doctor recommended to give the Canglob D Forte injection. Two shots were given at 24 Hours of interval 12ml as per his weight, but no improvement noticed.
Later doctor added two more medicines and that was Complamina Retd, and Encephebol Tab. But still very negligible or noticeable change. With time he started moaning and making sounds constantly I guess because of pain. The doctor gave up hope and said he could do little. I consulted showing the protocol send by you and he agreed upon the New castle vaccine of lasota stain as mentioned by you.  He recommended .1cc followed by the DNS 200ml to tackle any shock after that, to start with and also an Meconerv Injection with this treatment, there was a marked improvement and now he moans a  little and tries to move around on his own. Since his illness he has been regularly taking his meals and doing his excreta and toilet on his own however he had difficulty to lean on both the hind legs while doing this. We also checked for his fever that was normal though.
His hind leg jerks are of the same magnitude with a little jerk on his forehead which reduced a little after the NDV vaccine. Could you please guide how to proceed next. All the doctors in India have given up hope, I have pinned all my hope on you. Since my pet is at a place where we do not have much facilities for the vet treatment. Somehow we have done his blood test which is enclosed for your reference. I am based in Delhi India from where I am coordinating his treatment.
Kindly advise , you are the only hope. Please help it’s a humble request.
Best regards,
Kumar Gaurav
From Dr. Sears:
You have done all that is required at this time.  Now it is a matter of time for all the replacement of Schwann cells by stem cells in the brain.  Takes time.  some times several months.  And, you do not get 100 % compliance.  85 % is usual.  Place the dog on anti convulsants if necessary.  Do not use unless necessary.  Wait.  Give it time.  Doc Sears


  1. doctor please i need to know about the cost because i wana treat my dog i stay in mumbai,,,,
    He is recovered from distemper as per our vet but itz signs,sypmtms r not goin ..
    paralysis, and memor loss.. please help

    • Jazz,

      I’m sorry. I do not know Dr. Sood directly. All the information I have is the phone number I gave you.

      I also have to remind you that only about half of the dogs who get the NDV spinal tap recover. However, this gives you a lot more of a chance than doing nothing. Distemper usually kills dogs, I’m sorry to say.

      Good luck,

      Ed Bond