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Received Feb. 19, 2010

This is the TRUE story of one, sad, forgotten dog who didn’t have a name (She was later named Trixie by the shelter staff). Trix was emaciated, depressed, literally skin & bones.

Trix is a mixed dog that was labeled as a stray who ended up in the shelter. She was put up for adoption but no one wanted Trix & she went on the euthansia list.

Vanessa, who volunteers at the shelter, saw Trixie & said, “She’s a sweet dog & she does not deserve to die!” so she posted her picture like crazy on Facebook & begged someone, anyone to step up & foster Trixie but no one would step up.

I saw Trixie’s picture & was shocked to see the resemblance to my family dog Ginger! Trixie looked like Ginger’s biological sister, so I tried really hard to find her a foster. I too, posted her online on FB & craigslist. But no one wanted to foster her!

On what would have been the last day of Trixie’s life, I emailed Vanessa & said, “I will take her! Hurry! Go get her!” I thought that if there was even the slightest chance that she infact, was my dog Ginger’s biological sister, that I owed it to Ginger to step up & take in her sister!

Veronica, who is Vanessa’s friend, another dog advocate & shelter volunteer, rushed to the shelter through 5 o’clock traffic in Miami & LUCKILY got Trixie in time & saved her from euthansia.

Vanessa & Veronica drove over 45 miles to my house at night to make sure Trixie arrived at her foster destination!

Trix walked into my house at 10:30 PM on 1/27/10. Yes, Trix was finally safe but very sick. None of us knew just how sick she really was….

I took her to the vet the next day, who examined her & said she did not think she would make it. Literally HUNDREDS of dollars (Thanks to Verinoca & Robin, who paid the vet bills) were spent on Trixie who got IV’s every few days, shots, she was tested for everything from parasites to things like Parvo, Distemper, Heartworms, etc. She had x-rays, you name it…. this poor dog was tested for it! Eventually, Trixie was diagnosed with severe Bronchitis & Distemper. Again, the Vet told me that most dogs don’t make it through Distemper. So I prayed, I begged God, I begged & begged & begged for her life.

Trixie was put on 2 different antibiotics twice a day. She wouldn’t eat or drink so she had to have IV’s every few days. She could not poop & I honestly think that she was so sick and so starved that she was ready to die. She had a high fever of 103.7, she was coughing, hacking, she had nose discharge, eye discharge, her body was dying but I refused to let her die!!!!!!!

I hand fed her with a spoon piece by piece. I made her poop by walking her for an hour, several times a day until she went! I sometimes had to wet a cloth & wipe her but to stimulate her to poop! She would not drink any water so I held a coffee cup for 15 minutes at a time under her mouth until she took a few sips. I forced pills down her throat even though she didn’t like it. I bought her dog vitamins & gave them to her the same way.

I held her like a baby in my arms. I laid on the floor next to her for hours every day & at night. I often talked to her saying, “Trix, you are NOT going to die on me, you good girl…. you fight Trix cause I have so much to show you, you have to be loved Trix before you go & know what it is like to be happy!!!!! But if you have to go baby, I’ll understand. If the time comes & you can’t fight any longer it’s OK sweetheart. I’ll understand!” She used to look me in my eyes as I would talk to her like she knew what I was saying.

I wanted her to live so bad that I searched for something, anything that could help her. I found an experimental drug that cures Distemper from a Doctor in California & I found a man in New York over the Internet who was promoting the drug & I BEGGED him to please let Trixie have the shot! Which she did. He found a local Dr who had the shot & he paid for Trixie to get it!

I have done EVERYTHING I can think of to keep this dog alive & you know what? It’s working! She is doing better! Slowly but surely! She’s not coughing, there’ s no more fever, she’s eating, drinking, pooping & coming alive more & more every day!

Today, for example, was a very good day for Trix! She ran around the house for about 5 minutes & played with a dog toy! For her, as weak as she has been, that’s improvement & a great miracle!

She’s no trouble at all infact, she’s completely house & leash trained & she mostly just follows us around & sleeps. I take her on walks to make sure she expands her lungs & gets lots of fresh air in there & today, she came with me in the car when I went to pick up my daughter from school.

She lives side by side with Ginger & is starting to get along with her much better now but she’s still very protective of her food & her things. Trix will growl, show her teeth & lunge at Ginger if she gets to close to her stuff. Trixie is fine with humans, but she won’t tolerate another dog getting her stuff. It’s understandable because she had to live & survive in the streets & I am sure it’s not easy for a young, skinny, dog on the streets.

The weird thing is that she really might be Ginger’s true biological sister, which could make sense as to why God put her in my path & gave me the courage to step up! They are the same age, I got Ginger from the same pound, they have the same markings, body, colors, faces… it’s weird. Even my vet & everyone who sees them together thinks they are sisters! They look like twins!!!!!!!!!

Now, although it sounds like it’s all down hill from here, it’s not. Trixie is still sick. She’s super skinny & very fragile. She sleeps most of the time. She is so emaciated that a gust of wind could knock her down. You can feel every single bone in her body. There is NO FAT & very little muscle on her. It’s hard to really see it in the pictures I posted but in real life, you can definitely tell. I even had one man stop his car in the street next to us when I was out walking Trix & angrily tell me to feed the dog! If he only would have taken the time to hear my story, but he didn’t, he drove off. Oh well. People can blame me, I don’t care. All I care about it Trix & God knows what I am doing, so that’s all that counts.

It will take a LONG time to get her healthy & fat. I have her on a special diet that I have to cook for her every day of boneless chicken breast, rice, dog food, chicken gravy, cooked eggs & broccoli, cauliflower & carrots all mixed together. I still have to hand feed her with a spoon on some days but as long as she eats, I am happy.

She needs laxatives (I have to put suppossitories in her rectum) every 2-3 days, to make her go poop. I had to give her an enema a week ago b/c she didn’t go for 2 days. She didn’t eat for so long that her stomache & intestines are having to learn to work again.

Yes, she’s work, but it’s the BEST work I’ve ever done in my life! I want to keep fostering her UNTIL she is healthy & fat OR if (God forbid) she requires additional vetrinarian care, that I can’t afford.

Please enjoy these pictures of Trixie, who has made such an impact on my life & who has shown me so much hope, love, faith, joy, compassion, etc. She has been a blessing & she’s also shown my daughter what it means to take a dog that’s on death’s door & nurse it back to health with love.

I vow to care for her & show her love EVERY DAY she is with me & I will never give up on her, as long as I live!

Even though my goal is to have her get healthy & live a long, happy life, I understand that it’s all in God’s hands. If God ends up taking her, if her body gives out & she ends up going to heaven, then at LEAST she will have known that humans are kind & loving. At least she will have experienced how it feels to be held & live in a warm, comfortable home for a little while.

😉 God Bless Trixie.

Charlese Uribe


  1. jill bargeron says:

    she is absolutely beautiful and is lucky to have someone so devoted to her X I wish there were more people in the world like you. I have been there myself and wish I had had as long as you have had so far with the pup I adopted and loved for a very short time of 3 weeks. Just feel proud that you have given Trixie the love and devotion you have given. My heart goes out to you, please keep us posted. X

  2. Charlese Uribe says:

    Update: Trixie has conquered Distemper! She has fully healed & is healthy!!!!!!! She’s doing fantastic & is living a normal life, like a normal dog! Thank God I did not give up on her. The thing is, it took her body time, after she got the Distemper serum shot, to heal & develop a defense against the Distemper. It was not an instant thing. It took a little over a month to a month & 1/2 & I never gave up hope. I would see improvement little by little, but the main thing is that it worked & she is now healthy, happy & normal & glad to be alive! I would suggest to anyone who has give this serum to their dog to be patient & wait… let the dog’s body take it’s time healing & killing off the Distemper in the body on it’s own time. Don’t expect for it to be an instant recovery. Distemper is a horrible disease just like Cancer & it takes time, OK? So please wait, be patient & support your dog in any way you can & most importantly, never give up! I didn’t give up & look at Trixie now! She made it, She survived a disease that should have killed her. I am fostering her but because of everything we have gone through together, I can’t let her go just yet, maybe I never will. I don’t know. I feel so connected to her. I totally bonded with her & saving her was ALL worth it! It was! Because now, I have a dog that is SO GOOD, so sweet, loving, playful, adorable, friendly… you name it, Trixie is all that & a bag of chips! LOL! So again, THANK YOU for the serum, thank you for saving Trixie’s life! I truly believe that this serum worked in combination with all the other medical treatment, to save Trixie’s life. A life was saved… wow… can’t get much more awesome than that! God Bless – Charlese

  3. What a beautiful story of Trixie. She looks to be a beautiful dog and is blessed to have you and you to have her. I pray for her full recovery and will pray for you as well as you are one true soul that we all could learn a lesson from. Thank you for sharing Trixie’s story.

  4. malisesaucier says:

    I have a distemper survivor as well. My vet was telling me to put him down- and I refused to listen. I just knew he was going to make it!

    • edbond251 says:

      Was your dog treated with Dr. Sears’ NDB treatments? If not, is your dog still coping with seizures? If so, we might be able to help you more than you realize.

  5. Charlese Uribe says:

    Mr. Bond, I’m posting Trixie’s story all over Facebook, I’m really trying to get the word out to thousands of people & I hope you don’t mind. It’s just that I am very passionate about Dr. Sear’s serum, because I KNOW it works. I have seen it with my own two eyes & I am desperate to help save more lives!!!

  6. Charlese Uribe says:

    May 29th 2010 Update On Trixie: Trixie is thriving, healthy, fat, happy, playful & she’s the most loving, sweetest dog I have ever known!

    Mr. Bond, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping me & guiding me to a local vet. I thank Dr. Sears for this serum too!!!!!!

    Trixie is a survivor & a miracle. I am so grateful she made it through the Distemper & that I’m blessed with her. Although she is a foster dog, I haven’t been able to let her go. After everything we went through together, we have this bond & I feel like there’s still so much love I need to shower her with!

    Just to let you know, Distemper is spreading like wildfire here in South Florida. I see so many cases of it on Facebook, mostly from rescues that pull dogs from shelters.

    What pains me more than anything is that a lot of people know about Dr. Sears serum yet don’t believe it can work & the dogs end up dying because they won’t take the chance & get the dog the serum.

    I hear all kinds of excuses about why they don’t want to give the serum to the dogs but to me, ANYTHING is worth trying, to save a dog’s life! Even if it’s only a 10% chance that it will work, that’s 10% more than the dog had before.

    I personally would feel pretty bad if I lost a dog to Distemper without trying the serum because it could have prevented the dog from dying. Yes, it’s a shot in the dark & ultimately not all will make it but it’s WORTH trying because it can work! I have seen it, you have seen it!

    Sadly, many people say, “Well, the dog already has neurological symptoms so I’m not going to put the dog through anymore shots, it’s had enough” and I want to scream at these people & tell them that the dog is dying anyways so try the freakin serum!!! What’s one more needle if it can save it’s life? And it pains me when I later read, “Sadly, he/she died from Distemper & didn’t make it”. I feel so sad for the dog, who could have had a chance. It could have worked but we’ll never know b/c the people never tried.

    There’s one rescue who’s already lost 3 dogs recently to Distemper, who knows about Dr. Sear’s serum yet refuses to do it! What do they have to lose by trying? Nothing!!!! And they have yet another pup that has Distemper right now & still after losing 3 dogs, they refuse to give this 4th dog the serum. It’s so fustrating b/c I know I’ll probably see a new message that the 4th dog died too.

    I know I can’t force people, but it makes me sad to hear these stories, because I know that if the dog was a human, it would take itself to the Dr. & get Dr. Sear’s serum. Anything is better than nothing, at least that’s what I think.

    Anyways, keep on promoting this. What you’re doing is saving lives all over the world. I’m glad to hear it’s now in Puerto Rico. One day it will be saving lives all over the world! 😉