Answer to an e-mail about studies and research

I received an e-mail today from someone asking about the studies and research into Dr. Sears’ treatments. I thought I’d post part of my reply here:

Thanks for your e-mail. It’s nice to hear from someone who is not already in the midst of a crisis, which is how it is usually when someone finds me. First off, I should explain that I’m not a vet. I’m a college journalism professor whose dog was saved years ago by Dr. Al Sears, and I run these Web sites on his behalf.

To begin with, here is where you can get a PDF download on the treatments using Dr. Sears’ Newcastle Disease Vaccine treatments:

Now, to answer your question about research data and studies.

This treatment is as yet unpublished. Dr. Sears used these treatments for 40 years while he was a practicing vet, planning to publish his discovery after he retired. But when he sought publication, he was rejected, most likely because he lacked a control group. He has treated and saved something like 600 dogs in his career, but the publications rejected his work because he did not have a control group. Dr. Sears had a problem with the ethics of that — and he discusses that on the DVD — because it meant letting one group of distemper dogs die.

However I can tell you is that since December 2008, I have been networking and promoting this treatment online, building up an informal track record of successful cases. Dogs have been saved using these treatments around the U.S. and the world. I have received testimonials, photos and videos from dog owners from around the world and posted them on the Kind Hearts In Action Web site. You can find those stories starting here:

I also post updates on a Twitter feed:

After a dog owner contacts me or Dr. Sears, the dog usually can be saved unless it doesn’t get treated in time. Sometimes people just find us too late and the distemper virus has done too much damage. Sometimes a dog can be treated and the vet will see the distemper damage start to reverse, but another infection like pneumonia will kill the dog. There was also a case in the Dominican Republic where a dog suffered some sort of post-treatment infection, but we are not sure what happened. And sadly, I just heard of a case this week where a dog was treated and the owner did not wait to see the recovery and had the dog euthanized the day after treatment.

That was probably a result of someone who — BTW, did not have contact with me ahead of time — had unrealistic expectations for the treatment. This is not a miracle cure, guaranteed to immediately erase all traces of distemper symptoms. There are no absolute guarrantees in medical science. However, we believe these treatments can kill the distemper virus in the dog. If a dog is treated with Dr. Sears’ serum before going through the sixth day of symptoms — before seizures — the survival rate is in the high 90s. Between Day 6 and Day 14, the rate drops to the 80s and drops dramatically after that.

When a dog with seizures is treated with the spinal tap treatment, the owner may still see seizures for a while, but slowly there will be an improvement. It can happen within days, within weeks or over the course of months, depending on the dog and how much damage had been caused.

This may be more information than you expected, but there is much disbelief in the veterinary community about this, so I try to be as open and complete as I can.

Please check out my Web sites. We are also on Facebook. You can find those links through the Kind Hearts In Action site.

Let me know if you have further questions,

Ed Bond