Bailey from San Jacinto, Calif., recovers from distemper

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Bailey 3 days before spinal tap.

Received Sept. 25, 2010

Bailey and I want to send out a very sincere thanks to Ed Bond, Dr. Al Sears and Dr. Daniel Slaton for their participation in Bailey’s fight with distemper. Without you guys I don’t think Bailey would be here today. I had her for almost 5 weeks and watched her go through all the phases of distemper. She started with coughing pretty constantly. We started treating her for kennel cough. Then she started

Bailey 3 days before spinal tap.

vomiting about every 4th meal and her eyes and nose became crusty. When she started with the green discharge from her nose ,the vet said she could be 50/50 distemper. We changed her antibiotic and started her on an eye ointment. He said when she started twitching we should probably put her down. I researched the disease and started her on some echinacea and golden seal and vitamins from various websites. I was cooking her chicken and scrambled eggs with hidden veggies.

One week after her spinal tap treatment.

Look at those beautiful eyes!! This is today. (9/25/10)

She never really lost her appetite, so that helped stay a little stronger. By the time I found the website about the spinal tap treatment by Dr. Sears she had just started her twitching. But I emailed Ed Bond, who got right back to me within 20 minutes with the names of 2 Dr.’s  in Ventura County who have done this procedure, after neuro distemper had set in. Dr. Sears also emailed me to let me know it wasn’t 100%, but without it, it was 100% fatal. He wished us luck.  We drove 4 hours to see Dr. Slaton who thought she was a pretty good candidate. Her lungs sounded good and he thought she could handle the procedure. Well almost 2 weeks later it’s like a miracle. She still has some twitching on her head and the Doc says she may always have that or it may go away. We decided to keep her on the phenobarbitol another month. The pics and videos tell the rest. As you can see it hasn’t slowed her down at all. She’s turned into a spoiled little princess (being the only girl out of 4) I plan to purchase some of the dvd’s that just came out from Dr. Sears and pass them out to some of the vets in the area. The word needs to get out. They at least need to know that it’s an option that’s out there instead of “there’s nothing we can do.” As soon as this little episode is paid for I will be donating to the cause and spreading the word to friends and family and whoever we can get to listen.  Thank you so much again and I will keep in touch and let me know how I can help.

Debbie and Bailey

Bailey and Peanut

P.S. Just wanted to add a couple pics and tips. We’ve had her on Clavamox antibiotic and 2 eye ointments,vertropolycin and optimmune as well as the penobarbitol. I’m still cooking for her and I’m adding vit C,A and E to her food (liquid). I ordered a product called Snout Soother for her nose and paws. They say bag balm also does the trick. It all seems to be coming together. Hope this info can help others and give encouragement.





Received Aug. 6, 2011

Christmas 2010


These two are inseparable.

Dr. Daniel Slaton and Bailey– One year after he saved her!

Hi Ed,
It’s been a while but I wanted to update you on Bailey. We just went back to see Dr. Slaton for her annual visit and vaccines. He was so happy to see her doing so well. He is 2.5 hours away, but I will be going to see him yearly because unfortunately the local vets in the area still don’t understand what we’ve done. I’ve tried to share the dvds and educate but so many are old school. … Meanwhile Dr. Slaton was showing her off like a trophy. We’re all very proud of his accomplishments. He’s had some tough cases lately ( because they find out too late) and needed this boost and reminder of why you all do what you do. He said unfortunately even the ” Happy endings” don’t keep him updated, and I apologize to everyone for waiting so long myself. We’ve been very wrapped up in the gift of life that everyone gave my Bailey. So here’s your update. She’s doing GREAT! She still has a minor twitch on her head/jaw. We just see it as an adorable personality trait. It certainly doesn’t affect her or slow her down. We’ll continue to spread the news and donate when we can. Keep up the great work and your spirits high!
I may update again soon when I get video together.
Thanks again,

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  1. Awesome!!! My puppy was also saved by the serum. So amazing to see them turn around so quickly after they are so incredibly sick. Seems like a miracle. So happy for you and Bailey!

  2. That is awesome! I only wish my wife and I had found out about the NDV spinal tap earlier but unfortunately we did not find out about this website and the awesome things they do until 2 days after we had to put our 11 week old puppy down because she couldn’t breath.


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