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I’m the project director on canine distemper for Kind Hearts In Action, a 501c3 charity. But I am not a veterinarian or a scientist.  I’m a former journalist and a former journalism professor. So, I often get asked about who I am and why I’m involved in canine distemper.  Simply put, Dr. Sears saved my dog Galen in 1997. So, I am doing what I can to help him.

Ed Bond

But it’s fair to ask to know more about me because you have to decide whether to trust the information on these websites, which runs counter to the established doctrine of veterinary science. So, on some level you have to decide whether to trust me. In a way, we ask everyone who uses this information to make a leap of faith until the day we get the chance to prove these treatments work through scientific trials.

This is why I put an emphasis on responding to e-mails and pleas for help as quickly and completely as possible. I aim for transparency and accountability. We also will do everything we can to document with pictures, videos and owner testimonials about the outcome of these cases. Most of the time, when I post info about a case, I will try to do as little editing as possible, and just let the owner’s words speak for themselves.

There are competing websites out there, and there are competing treatments. I won’t comment on the other websites and the other treatments. But when I say that Dr. Sears’ treatments really work, I am putting my reputation and my 25-year career in journalism on the line. Getting the facts right and being trusted matters a great deal to me. When I was a college professor,  I taught my students that the only real asset journalists have is their credibility. Ruin that and you lose the trust of your readers and sources, and you can no longer work effectively. So, I do not put my word behind something on a whim. I’ve actually waited many years before deciding to jump in and become an activist for Dr. Sears. I support him because I know he is the real deal. He is not after money, influence or fame. He just wants to save dogs, and he would like it if the veterinary community could listen to his ideas fairly.

You should be careful when someone claims to have a cure for canine distemper. You should be skeptical. You should ask questions. Look for red flags. If someone says they are an expert, check it out. By the way, I do not claim to be a veterinary expert. Those are called vets, and I am not one. I can answer questions about the NDV treatments as they have been explained to me by Dr. Sears, but when the questions get too technical I will refer you to him or to another vet.

I have maintained original Web pages about Dr. Sears for more than 10 years. The information, pictures and videos on my sites are either written and created by me, provided to me by Dr. Sears or sent to me from people whose dogs have been helped by Dr. Sears’ treatments. Dr. Sears reviews these Web pages for accuracy.

Kind Hearts In Action is a 501c3 charity, and all donations are reported and tracked by Guidestar and the federal government.

Ed Bond

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Nov. 25, 2010

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