Becca still enjoying life!

2 1/2 years after treatment and Becca is still enjoying life! She goes hiking and horseback riding all the time and LOVES being at the barn (as you can see). Thank you guys again for all your help. You are truly the reason she has this chance.

I can’t thank you enough for the information you provided. Looking on Facebook for answers was my last resort, as well as hers. Before I messaged you I already had 4 vets tell me to euthanize her. But she wasn’t ready to give up. She is no longer a foster dog and is now part of my family (tried to find her a home for over 2 years). She is the best dog I have ever had!

Becca was confined to a wheelchair soon before and several months after her treatment until she got better. She has slowly improved since then and is doing absolutely amazing now.

Sent to Save Dogs From Distemper Facebook page by Cortney Lea Adams of Tucson, AZ

December 14, 2017

Lost Treasure but saved Finnegan

From Rochelle Puczkowskyj of Arizona:

Below is my experience with Distemper.
Toy Poodle 5 lbs, 18 months old.
Rescued from Santa Cruz Animal Care Center, Nogales, Arizona 9/7/16
Rabies shot, DHPP/spay 9/7/16

9/10/16: fever spike 105.2
Given subcue fluids and amoxicillin
9/11/16-10/09/16: temp 102-102.5 energy level: Normal  eating well.

10/10/16: Fever spike 105.8
Eyes and nose crusted, cough
HOSPITALIZED  Nogales Veterinary Clinic, Nogales AZ,
Diagnosis: Pneumonia

10/14/16 Friday:
added symptoms, muscle twitching and inability to hold up head.
Diagnosis Distemper.
Told about NDV serum, but could not be treated in time.
Put to sleep
Above is a non-emotional description of a traumatic experience.

What I have found out is that Distemper mimics several other diseases and is often misdiagnosed, as kennel cough, pneumonia, allergies and sometimes, even Valley Fever. Blood tests are not an effective way to diagnose.  Until the dog has all the symptoms or a smear test is done specifically for Distemper, the disease is wracking havoc on the dog.  Once, the disease has all the symptoms, it is too late.

The one hope was not revealed to me until it was too late.  NDV serum is only effective within 6 days of onset of symptoms.  Treasure was already in her fourth day with full blown symptoms and would have to wait thru the weekend, plus Monday and Tuesday to get the vaccine.  That would bring her into her eight day of symptoms.  She was already getting the muscle twitching and seizures.  It was too late.  She had to be PTS.

However, being in dog rescue held other problems.  There were other lives at stake in my home.
As soon as a dog is rescued, they are given Rabies, DHPP and altered.

1. The DHPP vaccine does not protect them from a disease they have already been exposed to prior to rescue.
2. The vaccine takes several days to be effective
3. The vaccine does not give 100% immunity even after that


Finnegan, about 2 weeks before symptoms began.

Finnegan, 12 lb 18 month old toy poodle was rescued and given vaccine on 9/28/16.  He came home with me on 9/30/16, where Treasure already was living.

10/18/16 PM: 103.5 temp, stopped eating, wheezing cough, low energy level
10/19/16:  Vet prescribed NDV serum and Covenia injectable antibiotic,
10/21/16:  Began NDV serum injection series every 12 hours for three injections.
10/22/16  Temp 102.3  eating when hand fed, sleeps a lot
10/23/16  Temp 102  eating better, low energy, sleeps a lot.
No additional symptoms

10/24/16  Finished NDV serum three injections at 4:20 PM on 10/22/16.   This entry was made approximately 48 hours after final injection.

Temp normal, appetite good for turkey lunchmeat, drinking water, normal bowel and bladder movement, barks and plays with toys.  Very interested in other dogs barking outside of his quarantine room.  I took him outside away from other dogs.  He loved it.  He is totally house trained and had been saving it for when he was taken outside, so he went about his business and enjoyed the approaching stormy sky.  He has slight breathing noises, slight cough and NOSE CRUSTY.  see picture


10/26/16  Finnegan’s nose is not as crusty.  He actually ate all by himself today.  He is still wheezing, however.  LIttle baby steps….I am hopeful.

11/5/16  Finnegan is doing well.  Slight sneeze once in a while. Cough is gone.  He is eating and drinking well.  I would say he is recovered thanks to the NDV serum, my veterinarian in Nogalas, Arizona, and your support.  He is a happy boy.  Today I took his picture playing with his toy. see attached.



“Jumping so high and he just couldn’t get enough”


Received October 18, 2016

Good morning,
I came across your website this morning in regards to treating canine distemper.  I adopted a Labrador pointer [Bear] on 10/15/16 from a shelter when I brought him home I noticed he started having a wet sneeze.  On Monday 10/17/16, I took him to the vet for a checkup and at that point he suspected distemper.  They gave him antibiotic, so this morning, 10/18/16, he woke up sneezing even more with wet green mucus on his nose, not much stuff on his eyes.  He ate, was active this morning…but I am very afraid this is turning into distemper.
Can you please tell me what vet would administer the NDV treatment?  I live in the Baytown/Houston area.

Nuria Enciso

Received October 26, 2016

He examined Bear and he got the serum and guess what? 6hrs after he received the first shot I could already see a difference!  At 12hrs he had ZERO green mucus coming out of his nose, he was no longer congested.  At 24hrs all he has is a little clear drainage from his nose and he is “sneezing” as if trying to get the last of it out.  But I could tell he felt 100% better!  When I got home from work he greeted me with SO MUCH excitement.  He was jumping so high and he just couldn’t get enough. J  At 30hrs I noticed even his pink color had come back to his face and belly.  I am so grateful to you guys!!!  I cannot thank you enough!!

I attached some pictures of before and after the serum.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the amount of green gunk coming out of his nose…I was too busy wiping it off J.  But I am amazed I look at these pictures and just by looking at how his color came back….wow….


Thank you for all of your information!

Thank you,

Nuria Enciso

Distemper study concludes

So, we’ve heard from Dr. Ken Harkin at Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

He’s been running a study on the effectiveness of the NDV spinal tap on dogs in the neurologic stage of canine distemper.

He wanted us to let our followers know:


1) That the study has concluded, meaning that if people want their dogs treated at Kansas State, they will need to pay out of pocket.

2) That he will not be treating distemper dogs with myoclonus — spasmodic jerky contraction of muscles. But he would still consider treatment in other cases without myoclonus because he believes those are most likely to respond.

3) He will be publishing his insights on CDV infections at a later date.

We are grateful for Dr. Harkin’s willingness to investigate the potential of NDV to treat canine distemper. And it sounds like he may have helped answer one question that has long perplexed us. With the NDV spinal tap in neuro distemper cases, some dogs would make remarkable recoveries and some would not. The success rate seemed to be under 50 percent. According to Dr. Harkin, it appears that the dogs with myoclonus do not respond to the treatment. Those without myoclonus are more likely to respond, but they were too small a number in the study to make any conclusion. But this absence of myoclonus had been the case with Nilla, a dog from South Dakota, which was the first to be successfully treated at Kansas State

Dr. Harkin says: “I am still happy to speak to clients about their dogs with distemper.  ….  I will still consider doing the NDV therapy in specific cases, but in my experience it isn’t the holy grail for CDV.”

We look forward to seeing Dr. Harkin’s completed study.

Here is the original post about the study.

– Ed Bond


First use of NDV serum in Bulgaria

Received from Justine Garratt of Bulgaria, Aug. 14, 2016:

“Hi, I am running a very small charity Santerpaws Bulgarian rescue in Pleven Blugaria, I sadly for the second time this year have picked up a puppy with the virus, and worryingly I have 20 other dogs here that are still only half way through the vaccinations. I really would like to know more. I see dogs dying from this on the streets everyday, I have a vet that I am sure I could convince to help me, please can you let me know what I can do to get involved, selfishly to help the ones around me. Reading about the Newcastle virus vaccine. Many thanks Justine.”

We exchanged information, including contacts in Romania. One dog died before the serum could be made.

Today, Aug. 23, I received this video:

From Justine:

“Both these 2 were diagnosed with distemper a week ago. Both had the Sears serum. Think we may have cracked it. Thank you so much.  We have a long  way to go as I have said before we have loads of dogs here but I have real hope that we will have more survive than not.”

I believe this is the first example of the NDV serum being used in Bulgaria. Thanks so much for sending us this, Justine!



Note from Justine: “I would like my vet Zari [Заривет Плевен — “Zari of Zarivet Pleven”] mentioned because when he got on board he did not charge me for his time or anything.”

Michelia makes a complete turnaround

From Anna Alexis Bariring of the Philippines

July 22, 2016

Hello again! First of all I want to thank you for all your help with our questions regarding Michelia’s distemper. I really appreciate you answering my e-mails. I wanted to update you also on her condition 🙂
We opted to go for the Newcastle vaccine body shot and she responded amazingly to the medicine! In about 12 hours her mood completely changed. She has been very active and her appetite improved a lot. Her doctor advised us to go back to the clinic two weeks after her shot. We brought her last Monday and the doctor cleared her of distemper! It was such great news for us. She has follow up check-ups now for vaccinations 🙂
The people who assist there were a bit surprised and were happy as well to see Michelia since they said most puppies they treated were not able to make it. I really believe that aside from the treatment that was given to her, the attention and care given to her has been a huge factor in her immediate recovery 🙂
This is Michelia after her recent check-up. She seems to be happy as well for being cleared of distemper 🙂

Meet Bailey, my cream-colored Distemper survivor/warrior!

Had this posted to my Facebook wall by Joyce Burton Titular. Made my day!

Ed Bond

“No, I’m not giving up on her”



Recieved May 23, 2016 from Amy Jaramillo Ureste of Brownsville, Texas

“This is Missy. She will be 3 years old in September. In March 5th she was diagnosed with distemper. She wasn’t eating, nor being her hyper self that she normally is, her nose was so hard and dry, and full of green buggers and blood, her paws were so hard. I would wake up with her every hour giving her water with sugar, pedialyte, and water with a syringe. I wouldn’t sleep just to keep an eye on her because I was so scared she might not wake up. We took her to the vet. She got some antibiotics. Vet said she doesn’t get better bring her back on the 3rd day, so we did. 2nd vet saw her and told us she had distemper. My husband told him, “well save my pup” vet said “it’s not worth it, it’s better if you just put her down, your wasting your money and time”. I just started crying like crazy. I took her out of there and I said “no, I’m not giving up on her”. So we found this amazing group. And we heard about the New castle vaccine. We ordered it. My husband said let’s take the shot. So we did. We went back to the vet to see if he would help us in injecting her. He refused. He didn’t want to be part of it because there was no scientific proof that it saves dogs from distemper. So we took matter into our own hands, one of our good friends they are familiar with distemper said they would help. So we took the chance. We gave her the dosage ever 12hrs till it was gone. It was so hard since she was so dehydrated. But our friends managed to get it thru. The 1st night she ate and drank water. The 2nd round she fell back down again. 3rd one was the charm. She started eating again. Being more active. A week later it’s as if nothing were to ever happen. She is back to being the boss with our other dogs lol. Most people said if we were sure it was distemper. I tell people well whatever it was this new castle vaccine sure killed it.”
#lovedistemperdogs #distemperdogs

T-Bone the SURVIVOR!!

From the website of Arizona Desert Rotti & Pals Rescue


T-Bone the SURVIVOR!! has found a home! You can read T-Bone the SURVIVOR!!’s original profile below or view adoptable pets from this adoption group.

Arizona Desert Rotti & Pals Rescue

Tucson, AZ 85731

Contact this Organization

About T-Bone the SURVIVOR!!

Meet an AMAZING BOY!! This is T-BONE, a Lab/Boxer mix and he is a DISTEMPER SURVIVOR! He is now 2 years old. Not long after we saved him off death row (as a puppy) and vaccinated him, he came down withe distemper. Distemper shots don’t work if a dog has been exposed and it’s in their system. Our director went to GREAT lengths and time to save this boys’s life. She sent for a new treatment that is supposed to help and GUESS WHAT? It DID! T-Bone can RUN like the wind on the ranch, his foster home. He’s loving, sweet, likes all sizes of dogs and is an all around NICE BOY. The ONLY thing we notiice if he stands still for too long, one can notice a bit of a twitch, but it’s really not that noticeable.

SO if you like LARGE, FUN dogs that love walking, hiking, playing and just being a DOG? Well, T-Bone may be your DREAM GUY! This boy has energy to spare, so if you’re a couch potato, he will NOT call you for a second date. This is ONE NICE DOG who LOVES to play and adores other dogs and people. You can also tell by his photos, that this is big one big goofy boy!

His foster mom keeps saying he is just SO NICE!

Since T-Bone also LOVES to be around people, he won’t make a good dog for someone looking to dump him in their back yard and forget about him. He wants to be part of a PACK!! Tthis guy will catch on quick and be your best buddy in no time!! He is VERY VERY sweet.

Since he’s a BIG BABY and doesn’t know he’s strong, we prefer he go to a home with older children. They will also be goof at keeping up with him and help with her energy level!

OR, you can fill out a pre adoption application at

NOTE!! At the end of the application under comments, please include the type of yard you have around your home as well as fencing.

Arizona Desert Rotti and Pals is a NO KILL rescue serving Tucson and the surrounding area. We work very hard to save animals in danger, so ANY donations, food, blankets, or financial, are GREATLY appreciated!

We usually show our smaller dogs at Petsmart at Grant & Swan (Tucson) from 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM. However, we don’t bring our larger dogs unless we get and approve (speak to the people interested at length) an application before the adoption event. IF you are interested in this boy, you can send a pet inquiry to this site.

Leah Keuroghlian

#distemperdogs #dogs #lovedistemperdogs

“You have no right to give up if they haven’t”



From Katrina Pontanar
#lovedistemperdogs #dogs #distemperdogs
Hello! I just want to share to you a happy ending. My dog Czar, a nine-year old shih tzu, survived distemper with no after effects. He has no twitching, loss of motor skills or other neurological disruptions. In a place like Philippines where NDV spinal tap is almost beyond reach (being available only in the capital) and where most of the veterinary clinics are hesitant almost unwelcoming to distemper dogs, I thought I should share to you how my dog and I have overcome great odds to keep him not just alive, but intact.

Back in the day, Czar had seen three veterinary clinics, all have advised me to put him to sleep. You know what they don’t tell you about distemper? Your dog fights if you do. After religious trips to the vet for Canglob D shots and sleeping beside him every night and talking to him while he is bedridden,  I had shown my dog how life is worth fighting for.

And so we fought, day in and day out. I would do things I don’t normally do. He had severe coughs and his hind legs were too weak, but I knew he still wanted to have his walk. So I walked him, my hands supported his belly. Sometimes, I would let him hear sound effects of cats purring so that he would bark at it. I gave him his favorite food. Every day, he was not without me. Every single time, he never had to think that he had a serious illness. Because of that, his demeanor never changed.

He was lethargic but still very attentive. He was weak but was still very eager. The key to helping your dog survive is not only giving him meds, but also being there for him all the time. People think I’m crazy, but you know what’s crazy? Czar cheated distemper unscathed. Seeing him now to how he was before distemper is definitely worth all the sleepless nights and tireless trips to vets.

When your dog has distemper, money is not only the issue. I pray that owners with distemper dogs will never give up. This is both our fight with our dogs. You have no right to give up if they haven’t.