“No, I’m not giving up on her”



Recieved May 23, 2016 from Amy Jaramillo Ureste of Brownsville, Texas

“This is Missy. She will be 3 years old in September. In March 5th she was diagnosed with distemper. She wasn’t eating, nor being her hyper self that she normally is, her nose was so hard and dry, and full of green buggers and blood, her paws were so hard. I would wake up with her every hour giving her water with sugar, pedialyte, and water with a syringe. I wouldn’t sleep just to keep an eye on her because I was so scared she might not wake up. We took her to the vet. She got some antibiotics. Vet said she doesn’t get better bring her back on the 3rd day, so we did. 2nd vet saw her and told us she had distemper. My husband told him, “well save my pup” vet said “it’s not worth it, it’s better if you just put her down, your wasting your money and time”. I just started crying like crazy. I took her out of there and I said “no, I’m not giving up on her”. So we found this amazing group. And we heard about the New castle vaccine. We ordered it. My husband said let’s take the shot. So we did. We went back to the vet to see if he would help us in injecting her. He refused. He didn’t want to be part of it because there was no scientific proof that it saves dogs from distemper. So we took matter into our own hands, one of our good friends they are familiar with distemper said they would help. So we took the chance. We gave her the dosage ever 12hrs till it was gone. It was so hard since she was so dehydrated. But our friends managed to get it thru. The 1st night she ate and drank water. The 2nd round she fell back down again. 3rd one was the charm. She started eating again. Being more active. A week later it’s as if nothing were to ever happen. She is back to being the boss with our other dogs lol. Most people said if we were sure it was distemper. I tell people well whatever it was this new castle vaccine sure killed it.”
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T-Bone the SURVIVOR!!

From the website of Arizona Desert Rotti & Pals Rescue


T-Bone the SURVIVOR!! has found a home! You can read T-Bone the SURVIVOR!!’s original profile below or view adoptable pets from this adoption group.

Arizona Desert Rotti & Pals Rescue

Tucson, AZ 85731

Contact this Organization

About T-Bone the SURVIVOR!!

Meet an AMAZING BOY!! This is T-BONE, a Lab/Boxer mix and he is a DISTEMPER SURVIVOR! He is now 2 years old. Not long after we saved him off death row (as a puppy) and vaccinated him, he came down withe distemper. Distemper shots don’t work if a dog has been exposed and it’s in their system. Our director went to GREAT lengths and time to save this boys’s life. She sent for a new treatment that is supposed to help and GUESS WHAT? It DID! T-Bone can RUN like the wind on the ranch, his foster home. He’s loving, sweet, likes all sizes of dogs and is an all around NICE BOY. The ONLY thing we notiice if he stands still for too long, one can notice a bit of a twitch, but it’s really not that noticeable.

SO if you like LARGE, FUN dogs that love walking, hiking, playing and just being a DOG? Well, T-Bone may be your DREAM GUY! This boy has energy to spare, so if you’re a couch potato, he will NOT call you for a second date. This is ONE NICE DOG who LOVES to play and adores other dogs and people. You can also tell by his photos, that this is big one big goofy boy!

His foster mom keeps saying he is just SO NICE!

Since T-Bone also LOVES to be around people, he won’t make a good dog for someone looking to dump him in their back yard and forget about him. He wants to be part of a PACK!! Tthis guy will catch on quick and be your best buddy in no time!! He is VERY VERY sweet.

Since he’s a BIG BABY and doesn’t know he’s strong, we prefer he go to a home with older children. They will also be goof at keeping up with him and help with her energy level!

OR, you can fill out a pre adoption application at http://www.azdesertrotti.com

NOTE!! At the end of the application under comments, please include the type of yard you have around your home as well as fencing.

Arizona Desert Rotti and Pals is a NO KILL rescue serving Tucson and the surrounding area. We work very hard to save animals in danger, so ANY donations, food, blankets, or financial, are GREATLY appreciated!

We usually show our smaller dogs at Petsmart at Grant & Swan (Tucson) from 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM. However, we don’t bring our larger dogs unless we get and approve (speak to the people interested at length) an application before the adoption event. IF you are interested in this boy, you can send a pet inquiry to this site.

Leah Keuroghlian

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“You have no right to give up if they haven’t”



From Katrina Pontanar
#lovedistemperdogs #dogs #distemperdogs
Hello! I just want to share to you a happy ending. My dog Czar, a nine-year old shih tzu, survived distemper with no after effects. He has no twitching, loss of motor skills or other neurological disruptions. In a place like Philippines where NDV spinal tap is almost beyond reach (being available only in the capital) and where most of the veterinary clinics are hesitant almost unwelcoming to distemper dogs, I thought I should share to you how my dog and I have overcome great odds to keep him not just alive, but intact.

Back in the day, Czar had seen three veterinary clinics, all have advised me to put him to sleep. You know what they don’t tell you about distemper? Your dog fights if you do. After religious trips to the vet for Canglob D shots and sleeping beside him every night and talking to him while he is bedridden,  I had shown my dog how life is worth fighting for.

And so we fought, day in and day out. I would do things I don’t normally do. He had severe coughs and his hind legs were too weak, but I knew he still wanted to have his walk. So I walked him, my hands supported his belly. Sometimes, I would let him hear sound effects of cats purring so that he would bark at it. I gave him his favorite food. Every day, he was not without me. Every single time, he never had to think that he had a serious illness. Because of that, his demeanor never changed.

He was lethargic but still very attentive. He was weak but was still very eager. The key to helping your dog survive is not only giving him meds, but also being there for him all the time. People think I’m crazy, but you know what’s crazy? Czar cheated distemper unscathed. Seeing him now to how he was before distemper is definitely worth all the sleepless nights and tireless trips to vets.

When your dog has distemper, money is not only the issue. I pray that owners with distemper dogs will never give up. This is both our fight with our dogs. You have no right to give up if they haven’t.

Loucca just celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday!!

From Valerie Grzesikowski  – March 9, 2016
My husband and I will be making a sign and taking a picture with our distemper survivor! But I also wanted to share with you a little bit about her. We rescued Loucca in South Korea, when we lived there, when she was 4 weeks old. She had distemper. I found your website, and contacted Dr. Al Sears directly to begin asking questions. We couldn’t give up on her! We found a Veterinarian just steps from our Villa in Korea, and he was aware of the treatment invented by Dr. Sears. Distemper is like a plague in South Korea, so he has used the Serum many times. She received that treatment, but then showed neurological signs, with muscle ticks. The Veterinarian immediately did the second option treatment, I am unaware of1026104_10200675058751832_895538647_o what it was exactly, because of translation difficulties with the doctor. He translated it as an anti-distemper serum. Not as strong as the one invented by Dr. Sears, but a last hope. Just a week later, Loucca tested negative for Distemper!! She was tested weekly for 3 more weeks, and continued to test negative. The doctor there did say that since she did have neurologic distemper, she wouldn’t live more than a year, another doctor said MAYBE 6 months. Even Dr. Sears said that he has never had a dog live through neurologic distemper, unless a spinal tap was done, and once the brain has been affected, it’s always fatal.
Loucca just celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday!! She has been the exact same as the last day of her treatment!! It is a miracle, the neurological distemper never progressed!! An 85 lb Golden Retriever that acts just like every other dog. She has slight muscle ticks, but they don’t affect her day to day activities one bit! I will attach a picture of her with her savior doctors! :) I have told every one of her Veterinarians about your website, and they all informed me they never knew about any of the treatments. Loucca is walking proof that there IS A CURE! Thank you so much for your website. Without your site, it is likely that Loucca wouldn’t be with us today.
I attached a picture of Loucca the first day she tested negative after her distemper treatment!! and also yesterday for her 3rd birthday!
Thank you,
The Secor Family
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Dachshunds saved from distemper

Here’s a Facebook post we really think everyone should read and watch this video:

From Linda Hendricks, Jan. 27, 2016

“Anya, tested positive for distemper in December after exposure on Nov 10th. (White, with dark spots in the video.) Treated with the NCD spinal tap treatment since she had neurological damage. Today, she is a happy, healthy dachshund in her adoptive home. Dexter, the other dachshund in the video, also showed the same early symptoms that Anya did after being exposed to her in the home. He was treated with the NCD body shots, and the result, although we aren’t 100% that he was infected, are obvious. If he also had distemper, we averted neuro damage, and if he didn’t, no harm was done.”

Thanks to Linda Hendricks for sending us this story and to Casey Toby for sharing the video.

Kimba from Cebu

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We were contacted by Brian Hodgson of Toledo City, Cebu, in the Philippines back in May. Their puppy, Kimba, had been diagnosed with distemper and the vet immediately recommended euthanasia.

“Vet told us to dig a grave. No cure and no chance of survival. …. Is there anything I can do ? I’m not prepared to give up that easily  :(((”

Unfortunately, I had no vets using NDV to recommend in Cebu, but Brian still did not give up on this pup. The only treatment the vet would perform was the euthanasia. They decided to treat the dog on their own. With antiboitics, electrolytes and fluids and a lot of TLC, Kimba made a full recovery.

Not every dog can be saved from distemper, but more are saved when the vets and owners are willing to try.

Brian sent us these pictures this week.

Hooray for Kimba!

Ed Bond

Cookie has been saved

Received from the Philippines on Sept. 25, 2015

Dear Sir,

This is Cookie, our pet who we rescued so many years ago that I dont even remember how old she is. Yesterday, she started coughing/sneezing and seems feverish. She doesn’t repond as fast to our calls and I feel that Cookie while sickshe has distemper. Why? Because just yesterday, her puppy died of distemper alhough we tried all treatments with the Vet. We did all we can to separate and isolate the puppy from Cookie but it seems that we failed.
Because Cookie is a rescued dog, we have no idea what breed or mix she is. Please help. I cannot lose another dog, especially not her. We live in Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Please help us save Cookie. She is a family dog, surrounded by cats (who hate or tolerate her) and people (who love her). I know she’s old but please, please, please — I’d appreciate a few more happy, healthy years with her. She is a sweet dog that is very protective of our family and home.
I know I’m rambling. Sorry.
Please help save Cookie wookie.
Mae Calle
PS: She has been bleeding for the past few months but otherwise seemed healthy before this.

Received Oct. 6, 2015

Hope was all I needed but you gave us a miracle. It’s been more than a week since we brought Cookie to Vets in Practice where she received a body shot and today, she is running around, happy & healthy. If I have not seen the devastating effect with our puppy, Mira, then I wouldn’t know know the impact of NDV was to Cookie.
Thank you so much for everything.

Received Oct. 16, 2015

Dear Ed,

I’m so sorry it took so long for me to reply. Now that Cookie is back to her normal self, I’ve been busy catching up on chores we put aside while taking care of her & her puppy.
Anyway, here’s a picture of Cookie last week. I remember coming home one evening and missing her usual exuberant, barking welcome and thinking how I would give much just to see her like that again.CookieBetter Well, guess what? A week after her NDV shot, she started her daily welcome home routine again. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for your wonderful work!
Please feel free to share my email and her picture on your site.
Have a wonderful day!
You’re very welcome Mae! Thanks so much for sharing your story!
— Ed Bond

Keiko’s tale of survival

Mhica Martinez of the Philippines first contacted us on May 9 through the Save Dogs From Distemper Facebook page about her dog, Keiko, suffering from distemper.

This week, she sent us these pics and videos about his progress. Keiko was treated at Pendragon Animal Health Group: http://pendragonvet.com/


May 9,2015

Keiko’s First visit to his Vet He was diagnosed with Distemper.

keiko5 keiko6
keiko7 keiko9

May 11

On the 3rd day, he arrived home after the injection of NDV serum..








Body is paralyzed. Only eye movement.





First meal on the 3rd day of the disease.




This pic was taken after 3 weeks of the Vaccine.. He can move his tail and body. But he can’t stand and walk. Appetite is good.






Video taken last month. He can’t stand, walk nor move his body. Only his head can move.


This video has just recorded tonight (July 27). Look how happy he was. We just took him to vet to have his 5-in-1 vaccine. The doctor said he can’t believe that Keiko suffered from canine distemper.
I am so happy that he is now a survivor of that disease. I would like to thank you and also Dr. Sears. :-)

God bless you!


I’ve been doing this for more than 7 years, and the message is still the same as when I began:


— Ed Bond

July 29, 2015


Meet Mira, the miracle distemper survivor

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This is Mira — short for miracle — the only one of 6 puppies in a litter to survive distemper. By the time her foster mom, Nikki Brannon, contacted us in May, 2 of the pups had already been euthanized. Another was already having non-stop seizures.

The NDV serum was not able to save 2 of the remaining pups, but Mira survived. She is now “thriving and has no signs of infection. How she escaped the damage I can only attribute to her receiving the medicine on time.” writes Nikki. She goes on to say, “I thank you so much for the information needed to save this baby’s life!!!”

You’re welcome. Distemper is a terrible disease and difficult to beat in even the best of circumstances. Not every dog can be saved, but more are saved when owners and caregivers like Nikki are willing to try. We are always thrilled to hear about any dog surviving this disease. They are a hope for the rest of us, that more dogs can be saved.

Thank you, Nikki, for sharing these photos.

Ed Bond
Received July 3, 2015


November 2, 2015

Hi Ed,
Happy to report that Mira got adopted and is now 7 months old.
She has a front leg tremor and some teeth issues but she is alive and happy!!
Here’s a picture of her then and now!
Still grateful!
Feel free to share on your website!


Hooray for Pinky!


Good evening Mr. Bond:

I have good news! Pinky our dog with distemper is about to finalize his treatment with flying colors! On Monday he was given his 3rd shot of the NCD vaccine. The vet is very happy to see the health improvement of Pinky. His white blood count is down,  his scabby nose and eyes are shining as well as his overall skin, he is very active and eating well. If all continues till next week he will be released once and for all and given a thumbs up of recovery. Once again thank you so much. Pinky is also greatful!!

Río Grande, Puerto Rico

Received June 17, 2015